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Remember that the third grading period ends on Tues., March 13!

Students gather in a circle around Mrs. Judy Toczek to listen to a story on pajama day!

Mrs. Judy Toczek reads to students

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, students and teachers took some time out of their day to give valentines and play games.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day

Students Participate in Pajama Day!

Due to extreme weather conditions, all Lake Central Schools will be closed Friday, January 25, 2019.

Students celebrated their 100th day of school on Jan. 24. The children dressed as 100 year olds and took photos together.

Playing the Xylophone

There will be no school on Monday, Jan. 21 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Welcome back! We hope everyone enjoyed their winter break!

Thanks for a great first semester! Enjoy your Winter Break!

Holiday Decorations

Lost and Found

If your student is missing a coat, hat, or gloves, have them check out the lost and found at the front office!

Kindergarten ‘Winter Star’ Musical

Report card stock photo

Check Skyward for your students final semester 1 report card!

Winter Walkers Open Fieldhouse

Attention Parents and Community Members: Lake Central High School is beginning their winter walkers program again. On Mondays and Wednesdays, Lake Central community members can come and utilize the facilities at Lake Central High School from 7 to 9 p.m. To enter, come through door B and travel to the field house from there. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Lake Central Administration Offices at 219-365-8507.
  • A student rolls through the obstacle course
  • Students cheer on classmates during a basketball game
  • A student participates in a dance competition
  • A student jumps rope
  • A student rolls through the obstacle course
  • A student plays basketball
  • A student participates in an obstacle course
  • Students pose for a photo
  • A student participates in the obstacle course

Jump Rope for Heart

Happy Fall

Happy Fall Break!

To celebrate the annual holiday, Ms. Kim Yelich’s kindergarten class held their Thanksgiving play. Students dressed as a variety of things, such as Native Americans, pilgrims, and even turkeys! They walked a run way to show off their home-made costumes. A video of the students sharing what they were thankful for opened the presentation and students gave their loved ones gifts. Many songs relating to the food and family based holiday were sung by the children. One was even written by Watson teachers!

Kindergarten’s Visit to Windmill Acres

Watson Book Fair

End of First Quarter

Happy End of the First Quarter!

On Friday, Oct. 12, the Student Council met to discuss posters they were to draw to promote a food drive. They are collecting non perishable food items, paper products, and cleaning supplies. The grade with the highest donation amount is awarded an extra recess.

Students got to have fun in the sun during the Watson Wildcat Walk on Sept. 28. The event had a DJ, games, snacks, chalk and even bubbles.

Summertime Sunshine

On May 24, the early childhood students at Watson Elementary went outside to enjoy the sunshine. Before the last day of school arrives, the teachers wanted to end the school year on a high note and let students enjoy the recess equipment.

Colorful Artwork

Mrs. Antkowiak let her art class work on coloring pages a couple of days before the last day of school. The students finished up all their art projects for the year and were given time to draw and color whatever they would like.

Mrs. Kovich

A sign outside Watson

Mrs. Kovich, fourth grade teacher at Watson Elementary, has announced her retirement at the end of the school year. Watson’s faculty and students wish her well and hope she enjoys the next chapter in her life!

Iris Flowers

Students in art class learned how to make the plant called iris. Students were able to cut out pieces of paper and drew the colors onto it to make it look like an iris.

Riley Hospital Bucket Fundraiser.

From April 22-27, Watson will be participating in the Riley Hospital Bucket Fundraiser. Everybody is asked to make a small donation, in which all the proceeds will go to Riley Hospitals. During the week, the students can participate in dress up days including superhero and sport days.

Sweater Collection for Mittens

Watson is holding a sweater drive from March 9 till the 13. All the sweaters donated will be given to “Happy Harmony Mittens”which then the sweater will then be turned into mittens.

Gym Class

A kindergarten class at Watson had their gym class. Throughout the gym class, the students were able to play soccer, hola-hoop and play basketball.

Author Visit

On Feb. 12, Aaron Reynolds, author of Nerdy Birdy, visited Watson Elementary. Reynolds played a game with the students to help the students understand his message. Reynolds wanted to spread his message about bullying about how everyone is unique in their own ways. Reynolds then read “Nerdy Birdy”or “Creepy Carrots” to the students.

Aaron Reynolds Artwork

Before author Aaron Reynolds came to visit Watson Elementary, students in all grade levels made artwork to welcome him. Students colored pictures and made crafts relating to his two books, “Nerdy Birdy” and “Creepy Carrots”.

Interview with Mr. Starcevich, fourth grade teacher

Q: How many years have you been teaching?

A: “41 years.”

Q: What do you still love about teaching?

A: “[I love] everything about it, I love relationships. It’s changed a lot, trust me I could write a book about it. I like the relationships. I like horsing around with the students by making them laugh and joke around. You teach in the midst of it. You do more entertaining sometimes in teaching. There was one class I took in college. You had to memorize a whole bunch of countries and if you missed one you would get a F. I would go to the class and the teacher was so funny and entertaining. I would there for an hour and a half or two hours laughing with him. I would look forward to that class. I would take that course again. I model my teaching after that you have to have fun and you have to have entertainment. Let the students know you enjoy their presence.”

Q: Why do you love your subject?

A: “When I was younger, I ran into this English teacher and she was brutal. I didn’t have the background. I didn’t know my predicate nouns, direct objects or indirect objects. That was a very miserable year for me. When I became a teacher, I didn’t want any kids to deal with that, because I know there are bigger issues. I hammer grammar and English. I do it jokingly and laughing but we spend so much time on it. A lot of my past students will come back and tell me that it was so beneficial to them.”

Q: How has teaching changed since you began?

A: “When I first started teaching, you would get the curriculum, do it and you knew you did a good job. There was no pressure. We didn’t have to do all the testing. I’m old enough to remember where everyone had a smile on their face, laughing and joking. Unfortunately, it’s not that way anymore. These teachers are so stressed, it’s taken the fun out of the profession. Unfortunately, there’s  such an atmosphere where people come to work so pressured. I know many teachers that cannot wait to get out because of it.”

Boo Bash

On Friday, Oct. 20, Watson held the PTO Boo Bash. All students were invited to come and celebrate that night. Throughout the night, the students were able to come in their costumes and Trick-or-Treat around the school. Other events included a costume contest, a dance in the gym, refreshments and food and a photo-booth.

Kindergarten Boot Camp

On Sept. 29, all the kindergarten classes at Watson Elementary had a boot camp in the gym. Each of the students were asked basic spelling, math and reading questions by volunteers and then were able to complete a different obstacle courses.

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