A new school year has begun! We welcome back staff and students as we enter the 2020-2021 school year. Happy learning!

Three e-learning teachers greet their students and prepare for the school day. Tina DuBrock, Melissa Ballenger, and Amanda Murzyn-all teach combined classes that include students from Protsman, Kolling, and Watson.

On Feb 14th students celebrated Valentines Day in their classrooms. Some teachers did crafts, like the gnome craft, and others did games.

Kingergardner Devan Ramirez has been listening during his social emotional lessons and decided to use what he learned and surprise his teacher. His kindess warmed both of his teachers’ hearts.

“Of course, we talk about kindness and making others feel special. This truly showed the Devan has been listening! His mom is a teacher here, and helped him surprise me with his creation this morning. When I spoke to his teacher Mrs. Popa (Taylor), she was thinking that it may be a rectangular prism. They have somewhat discussed 3D shapes during class, and the brief conversation must have inspired Devan” Morales said.