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Due to extreme weather conditions, all Lake Central Schools will be closed Friday, January 25, 2019.

Students learn to bake

Throughout Thanksgiving week, fourth-grade students learned how to make bread and butter using a recipe. Parents helped bake the honey bread at home to bring to the fourth grade students.

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School is cancelled for today Monday Nov. 26, school will resume as normal tomorrow. Enjoy your day off!

Holiday Plates

Students decorate the outline for their plates that will come in next month.

Spell Bowl Places

Congrats to our Spell Bowl Team as they placed second at the competition at Kahler on Thurs. Nov. 17.


Protsman held their annual parade and parties for Halloween. Students marched around the school decked out in Halloween gear and then returned to their classrooms to eat some treats.

Fall Break

Happy Fall Break to the Protsman family! Hope everyone has a fun time.

Student Council Fundraises for Past Student’s Platoon

Student Council collected donations for a former student named Steven Kruk and his platoon. The council wanted to thank Kruk and his platoon for their service to our country.

girl learning to code

Cuties Who Code

The Cuties Who Code Club met at their monthly meeting. The club teaches second grade girls the basics of coding by using computer and interactive lessons.

T-Shirt Fundraiser

Order your Hour of Code t-shirt to wear during Computer Science Education Week December 3-7 and throughout the school year for $7 each. Order here: now through Friday, Nov. 9.

On Friday October 12, the Dyer Police Department came in to talk to students about their profession. They participated in a Jeopardy game and watched as Mr. Josh Wierzba, Dean of Students, put on the gear.

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Field Day

Protsman celebrated the end of the year by having Field Day on May 23. Students were able to play in and outdoors games at school for the majority of the school day.

Students play a game on field day

Kindy 500

Kindergartend celebrated the end of the year by having students participate in the Kindy 500.

Special Olympics

Protsman Westlake students traveled over to Lake Central for the 2018 Special Olympics. Students and staff participated in a number of track and field events.

Earth Day and Bellaboos

Kindergarten took a field trip to Bellaboos. Students were taught about Earth Day and how recycling is helpling make the planet more safe.

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Aaron Reynolds visit

Childrens author Aaron Reynolds visited Protsman on Thursday Feb. 22, 2018. Reynolds spoke to all grades while giving advice and telling jokes. At the end of the day Reynolds held a book signing for any of the students and staff that bought one of his books.

Protsman Olympics

Protsman staff held a little after school bean bag game in honor of the Olympics.

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Camp Kindergarten

Protsman celebrated Camp Kindergarten on January 26 from 6:00-8:00p.m. in the school LGI and cafeteria. Parents and students played board games and made smores in the community room.  There was two sessions where you were able to dance or do yoga in the school LGI.


Happy holidays from Protsman office staff

Genius Hour with Mrs. Bendis

Mrs. Bendis’s (4th grade) every Friday for one hour her class has genius hour. Bendis students all have a project that they doa nd work on. Each student having a different topic. For two weeks the class has been researching, the project will continue through the end of the year. The goal is for each student to present their presentation to the class and someone in the community.

Starting off stress free

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Mrs. DuBrock is bringing a new class to Lake Central second semester. DuBrock will be having a yoga and stress class. Sessions will last for six weeks and there will be a class every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00p.m.

Protsman elementary celebrated Veterans day on Nov. 10 with an assembly and breakfast. The breakfast being provided by the kitchen staff who came in early and prepared the food for the event. The cafeteria was decorated with American flags and red, white, and blue themed decoratins. The Veterans where invited to the cafeteria where students with attending Veterans greeted them with huge smiles. While students and Veterans enjoyed their breakfast patriotic music was played in the backgroud and students and veterans where able to have their photos taken and printed for free. Students where sent home with the photos at the end of the day. Once the Veterans and students finished their breakfast, the remainder of the school made its way down to the LGI room where there would be an assembly honoring the Veterans. With the LGI and cafeteria connected the Veterans where able to stay in their seats and witness the entire cermoney in front of them. Once all students arrived the assembly started with Mr. Brown speaking to the school and he gave a short story of what Veterans day represented. The second grade performed several songs for the Veterans, and the Boy Scouts helped with the flag ceremonys. The event ended with Veterans being saluted for their actions.

Veterans Day

Veterans check in.
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