A New Chapter

On May 28, the 8th graders had their graduation award ceremony in the gym.

Game Time

On May 27, the teachers organized the “Survivor Games” for the students.

A Sweet Treat

As a treat for the 8th graders, there was an ice cream party held for them during lunch on May 27.

Kahler VS. Pierce

On April 21, the Kahler Girls and Boys track team competed against Pierce Middle School.

During the week of March 15, the corporation held a spirit week to celebrate the Lake Central Schools. Every day featured a different color that helped represent the teachers, staff, and administrations of the schools.

Schools Week

A Virtual Spring Play

The Kahler Student Council held a Crush Can sale so that they could raise money for Riley’s Children’s Hospital. They sold about 2,500 cans of pop.

Crush Cans

8th Grade Girls Basketball

On February 23, the Girls Basketball team faced Clark in two games. This was also the 8th graders last home game.

NJHS Starts the Year

The NJHS Committee met on October 8th to get the school year started. Mrs. Erdelles, the committee’s sponsor, began the meeting by talking about the standards for students that are part of the club. Due to the school year’s circumstances, the club had to make many changes. For example, instead of the 15 service hours required for each member, the number of hours was brought down to 5. Along with club standards, the members were able to think about new ideas for the school year. They brainstormed ideas for a school improvement project and activities for the future, like a potential food drive. The club is also planning on having a virtual induction ceremony for the new members.

Yearbook Committee

On September 10, the Yearbook Committee had their first meeting. New Yearbook Advisor, Mrs. Swinney, gave the run down of the club and introduced the members to each other through a series of activities. They answered questions and also played a sort-of scavenger hunt game; the students had to look for various yearbook-related terms around the room.

All grades are able to participate in the club, but certain grades are assigned with certain positions. Fifth and sixth graders were assigned as staffers and writers/photographers, while seventh and eighth graders were assigned the editor and designer positions.

New Staff

Kahler welcomes new teachers for the new school year. We welcome Mrs. Summers (ELA and Social Studies for 5th Grade), Mr. Guzman (Art), Ms. Bruder (Science), and Ms. Bruckman (ELA).


Kahler Unified Sports

On Thursday May 10th Kahler Middle School students participated in an Unified Sports event held at Lake Central High School.  Other schools in attendance included Protsman and Homan elementary schools as well as Clark Middle School.  It was a feel good event set on a day with beautiful weather.  Nice work to all the students participating!

Mr. Nicky Comes to Kahler

Youtuber Mr. Nicky came to Kahler.  Mr. Nicky takes popular songs and remixes them into songs about social studies.  Mr. Nicky is extremely creative and makes several different songs with each preformance he does at Kahler.  Be sure to check them out in the video included.

Class Outslide

Ms. Kwiecinski’s 6th grade class enjoys the nice weather by reading their book outside.  The class is currently reading Daniel’s Story.

We The People

5th graders social studies students do a practice round for the annual We The People competition.  Students will eventauly participate in competition in Purdue Northwest as well as Indianapolis.

Mr. Newton’s Card

Recently Kahler celebrated National Principal’s week.  Students had made a very creative card in apprecation for Mr. Newton tieing in his love for the Chicago Cubs.  It is a great card! Check it out!

Ace+ Teacher Award

On March 23rd tech teacher Mr. Vince Pucci was named the Ace+ Teacher.  This contest was hosted by Gus Bock’s Ace Hardware in Dyer.  Students were able to nominate and vote for their teachers.  Mr. Pucci reieved carts full of materials for his home and classroom.  Ms. Barajas, 5th grade, recieved 2nd and Mr. Decker, social studies, recieved 3rd also recieving donations from Ace Hardware.

Mr. Doyle’s New Sign

Assistant Principal Mr. Tim Doyle unveils a new sign over Door “E”.  This sign was constructed by Mr. Doyle over spring break.  A Notre Dame inspired sign that says “TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY”.  This sign is to bring morale to teachers as they enter the school.  It’s a double-sided sign.  Be sure to check it out if you are around Door “E”

Farewell Nurse Lisa

Nurse Lisa Mickelson has decided to leave Kahler Middle School.  She started at Kahler when her daughter, Hannah, had attended Kahler.  Now with both her kids now in college she decided to take a full time job to help support them.  Thank you Nurse Lisa! Good luck at your new job!

Schoolastic Bookfair

The week of April 9th Kahler hosted its annual Schoolastic bookfair.  Students were able to browse and purchase books of their choosing in their designated time slots.

Assistant Principal Week

April 9th-13th was National Asistant Principal Week.  Students celeberated and showed appreciation by bringing Assitant Principal Mr. Doyle baloons throughout the day.

Papyrus Paper Project

Papyrus is a reed like plant used to make a paper material.  “We are doing a topic on Egypt so we made paper like Egyptians used to” said Abbey Holmes well asked about the project that they are working on in Mrs. Kwiecinski’s social studies class.

Kahler Band

The Kahler Band was ISSMA gold winners, the 7th grade with distinction.  The 2018 7th and 8th grade bands have carried on the 23 year tradition of musical excellence, 5th graders have recently started taking thought to joining the band.  On Tuesday March 20th 5th graders sat down and started trying out instruments to see which one they are most comfortable with.  5th grade students wishing to join the band also took a pre test and had a brief interview, about wishing to join, with band director Mrs. Leta Sena-Lopez.

Kahler Gets Gold

Kahler proudly displays all of their trophies promptly in the front office.  These trophies include multiple of the dance team’s and other clubs such as science olympiad.  Be sure to check out the trophies as well as congratulate the kids for their harwork to earn them!

Good Luck Kahler

Kahler student council member wrote positive and encouraging messages on the side walk leading up to the main doors.  The messages were intended to encourage students as they walked in to school on the day of ISTEP testing.

8th Grade Girls Basketball

On February 27th, the girls basketball teams played their last regualr season games.  Their tournament starts Mach 1st.   The 8th grade girls were recognized after they faced off against Grimmer Middle School and won.  For their recognition, each player recieved a gift bag with candy, a basktball braclet, a water bottle, a flower and baloons personalized with their number on them.  Good luck to the 7th and 8th grade teams as they head into thier tournaments!

Harlem Wizards

On February 12th the Harlem Wizards paid a visit to KMS. It was a night filled with family fun. Not only did they play a basketball game against Kahler faculty members and the Dyer Police Department,  but there was also meet and greets as well as merchandise available for purchase, and interactive activities for the fans.

PBIS Behavior Program

Positive Behavior Intervention Support is in effect as this year’s reward program.  Good behavior results in Kolt Cash (see redemption prizes included).  Just announced is the end of the year trip to the zoo.  Save up your Kolt Cash!

Yearbook Theme Announced

The 2017-2018 yearbook theme has been announced.  The theme will coincide with this school year’s theme “Shoot for the Stars.”  Take a look at this year’s cover.  Be sure to purchase one because there are only few left.


All year long Ms. Schuldt and the yearbook club have been working to construct a masterful yearbook.  Make sure to buy a yearbook!

I Double Dog Dare You

Kahler 5th graders receive a lesson about the dangers of drugs by D.A.R.E officer Brian Kissinger.  Joining officer Kissinger was police dog, Kolt.  The 5th graders love when Kolt comes and they can hear about his role on the department.

Escape From Mr. Lemencello’s Library

Last December all 5th grade students attended a presentation by Chris Gaberstein.  Chris Gaberstein is the author of Escape From Mr. Lemencello’s Library, a book all students were required to read.  The presentation was fun and informative about writing and grammar.

From Book to Stage

Mrs. Bloom-Johnson’s advanced English 8th grade class performs scenes from the book Adventure of Huckleberry Finn as classmates watch.

Socratic Seminar

Mrs. Bloom- Johnson’s advanced 8th grade English class participates in a Socratic seminar.  A Socratic seminar is when a group of students sit in the middle of the room and discuss their reading of a book, while the rest of the class looks on.

Kahler’s Office Decked for The Hollidays

6th Grade Roller Coaster

Mrs. Schuldt’s 6th grade science classes have participated in the annual roller coaster project.  This year the requirements included: all paper roller coasters, partner project, and assemble it all in school.  Students had 8 working days in school.  Students recorder their results of inertia, kenetic energy and potential energy.

Dodgeball Brackets at Kahler

Kahler has started a dodge ball tournament.  This takes place during tutoring at 8:00 am.  Each grade has a bracket and will be playing in a tournament.  Stay tuned for more about dodge ball as the season goes on!

Kahler Implements a New Reward System

Kahler has started doing Student Stars of the Month.  Kahler has 2 students per grade, per month.  Any student who is seen doing an act of kindness can be nominated by a staff member.  Student Stars of the Month recieve $25 in Kolt cash and a Jimmy Johns gift card.

NJHS has started their annual collection of food for local families of need for the holiday season.  This is the collection so far.

NJHS Food Drive

Kahler students and their veterans enjoy a nice breakfast provided by the cafeteria staff before the veterans day program.

Veteran’s Day Breakfast

Kahler Middle School honored veterans with an all school assembly.  Kahler’s Veteran’s Day program took place on Friday, November 10th .  The program included a standing ovation for veterans as they entered, performances by the band and choir, as well as multiple speakers.

Veteran’s Day Program

Doyle’s Dungeon Preview

Doyle’s Dungeon is a long time Kahler tradition.  Take a quick look at this years addition of Doyle’s Dungeon.

Mr. King on his New Position

Mr. King, former Kahler Middle School math teacher, talks about his new position as the middle school math coach.

Girls Bathroom Gets Remodel

Kahler teachers recently redecorated one of the girls bathrooms.  They got the idea from a post that went viral from a school on the east coast.  They gave the bathroom a coat of fresh paint and decorated the walls with inspirational text and artsy designs to give the Kahler girls some added encouragement.

Welcome Miss Selena Gregory

Meet Selena Gregory a new addition to Kahler Middle School’s teaching staff.

Shoot For The Stars Theme

Various staff members and students give their thoughts on this year’s theme at Kahler: Shoot For The Stars.

Student Council Update

Ms. Kelly Gravley gives us an update on Student Council so far and what to expect this year.

6th Grade Pacer Test

6th graders give their thoughts on running the Pacer Test in gym class.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Kahler Middle School takes part in the relief efforts following the damage of Hurricane Harvey.

Bailee Carroll 7th grader at Kahler Middle School sings national anthem for morning announcements.

Bailee Carroll Sings National Anthem