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On Friday, Feb. 14, Mrs. Rosine’s afternoon classes made Valentine’s “Cookie” vocabulary during class. Students were given 12 broken heart cookies that they had to rearrange to fit the correct definition.

Friday, Jan. 10 students gathered to make posters for the winter pet drive. From Jan. 14-24, the drive collected different items to be donated to Cache Creek Animal Rescue. Students stood at doors J and A to collect donations, collecting anything from pet toys, collars, bowls and blankets.

On Tuesday, Dec. 3 author Jennifer A. Nielsen visited Clark. Nielsen talked to the students about the books she’s written, the process she went through to write her books and showed a trailer for her newly released historical fiction book “Resistance.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 25th Clark held their Pep Rally for fall sports. During the rally the dance and cheerleading teams performed their routines. Students who raised money for the American Heart Association were entered into a egg roulette where they were able to smash an egg onto a staff members head.

On August 27th, Clark and Grimmer joined forces in playing a scrimmage. In this game they teamed faced off against Michigan City and East Chicago. Excited for the season, the boys played hard and strategized for the upcoming games.


A Trip into Space

On Feb. 22, sixth grade students took a trip to the Challenger Learning Center in Hammond. Students had to previously interview for what job they would be given while either aboard the space ship or in the control room. Some of the jobs including communications, life support and the medical team. While at the Learning Center, the students learned all about space and what it means to be an astronaut.

A student sits at a desk.


Paws for a Cause celebrated Valentine’s Day by selling ‘puppygrams.’ Students were able to purchase a puppy stuffed animal for their friends that would be delivered during lunch.

Two students smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As a special treat for Valentine’s Day, administration and cafeteria staff handed out ice cream to all students during lunch.

A student eats ice cream.

Putting the ‘Art’ in ‘Heart’

Students smile.

On Thursday, January 24, fifth graders worked on art projects with Mr. Terry. To get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, students used landscape drawings as a background for a pink heart they cut out with paper.

100 Days of School

Decorations display the 100th day of school.

January 23rd was the 100th day of school! Students are now over halfway done with the school year and can say they are 100 days smarter!

Eighth graders create ‘cell cities’

Visualizing molecular-sized organelles and cell parts is a difficult task, but in Mrs. Cooper’s and Mrs. Guzman’s science classes, the concept became easier to understand with the ‘cell city’ project. Students were tasked to create cities or towns in which different parts of them represented a part of a cell. As part of the project, students had to present their city to their teacher with creativity taken into account.

Two students present a project.

Paws for a Cause

Paws for a Cause club collects items for animal control.

On Dec. 18, Paws for a Cause met and had a guest speaker from the St. John Animal Control, Jan Kalinowski. In keeping with the holiday spirit, the club collected items to donate to St. John Animal Control.

Nothin’ but net

A student plays basketball.

On Dec. 6, the boys eighth grade basketball team defeated Highland 59-23. The night’s starters were Brandon Escobedo, Hunter Snyder, Dean Wooley, Ivan Montano and Ben White. In addition to the cheerleaders and fans bringing an exciting atmosphere, the pep band played their instruments and shouted louder than anyone else in the gym.

Making Nice

A student sits on the stage.

Whether it be performed on a Broadway stage or in the LGI room, a lot of work goes into the production of a play. For the Clark Theatre Company, this was no exception.

“We started rehearsing the beginning of October and practiced a few days a week, until the performances this weekend, [December 6, 7, 8],” Bob Gustas, Director, said.

Every year the company performs a fall comedy and a spring musical. This year the show was “Making Nice.”

“I try to choose a play that has many characters so more students can be involved. I like to do a one-act comedy, or two if I can find two, in the fall to introduce the kids to theatre,” Gustas said.

In the spring, the company plans on performing “Annie.” Last year, they performed “Mary Poppins.”

“Opening went fabulous. The kids did a tremendous job and I believe everyone who came had fun and enjoyed themselves. I was quite proud of them,” Gustas said.

Winter Choir Concert

A student sings.

All choruses performed on Tuesday, December 11, with the swing choir opening the show. One highlight of the choir performances was the sixth grade choir performing “Feliz Navidad.” Other highlights included seventh grade choir performing “Believe” from The Polar Express and eighth grade choir performing “White Christmas.”

Winter Band Concert

The bands filled every seat in the house on December 12. Highlights from the band concert include all of the solo improv performances by the jazz band, the demonstration of how much the sixth grade band has improved over the semester and of course, the more sophisticated tunes of the seventh and eighth grade bands.

Drawing the Future of Science

Technology is constantly changing and updating around the world, but rarely does a new form of technology get introduced to the classroom on the middle school level so quickly. However, this isn’t the case in Mrs. Jennifer Boer’s science lab.

The science department, with initiation from Mrs. Boer, has began using 3D pens to create models and learn about science.

“Several of the science classes had eighth graders use the pens to create 3D models of Bohr’s Models Atoms. The students did a great job with the project,” Mrs. Boer said.

Since the department only has six pens as of now, they are looking to purchase more due to the success of the first project with them.

“With little instruction as to how to use the pens, they were able to create their versions of the Bohr’s models and we saw a variety of interpretations coming to life. It helped them to create a concrete model of an abstract topic to understand the structure of an atom and placement of protons, neutrons and electrons,” Mrs. Boer said.

In order to fund the pens, the science department created a Donors Choose Project. Click here for the link.

History Comes to Life

Mrs. Finley’s fifth grade class created dioramas of Native American environments. Each student was able to pick a unique tribe to learn about.

A student's project sits on the desk.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Students in Mrs. Finley’s fifth grade class decorated turkeys in disguise so they wouldn’t be eaten for dinner!

Veteran’s Day

Students wave flags.

Happy Veteran’s Day from Clark Middle School! Thank you to all the veterans and their families.

Howl-o-ween Dance

Three students smile at the Halloween Dance.

On Oct. 30, students of all grades attended the Halloween Dance where they dressed in costume, danced and ate cotton candy.


Happy Halloween from Clark Middle School!

Fall Break

Have a happy and safe fall break!

Coyote Crawl

A girl smiles.

Seventh graders participated in the annual Coyote Crawl on Thursday, Oct. 18.

A girl smiles.

Fall Pep Rally

On Tuesday, October 9, Clark celebrated their fall athletes at the fall pep rally.

Eigth Grade Choir Banquet

On Tuesday, May 15, the eigth grade choir hosted the first choir banquet. After sitting down and enjoying food with family and friends, students received awards from the choir director.

10 Years of Singing

On Saturday, May 12, the Clark Middle School choirs held their final concert of the year. Since it is the 10 year anniversary of the middle school being open, choir alumni were invited back to sing with the choir concert to a song that is performed every year. The students were invited to practice with the choir and the old choir instructor joined in leading both of the choirs at the end.

Mary Poppins

On Saturday, April 14, students performed their final Mary Poppins show. Their was a variety of refreshments for those attending to enjoy.

Choir Concert

On Tues. March 6, choir students performed their ISSMA preview concert for parents. The concert was held before the groups competed so parents could hear the songs if they could not attend the contest.


Students were able to send fellow students or teachers puppygrams, and they were delivered at the beginning of the month. Those who bought them were able to write notes for the person they were sending them to. Many students purchased them, some even bought them for themselves.

Spring Band Concert

The seventh and eighth grade bands performed an ISSMA preview concert for their parents. The concert opened with performances by the jazz band, followed by a performance by Connor Fox (12) and Maya McCants (12) from the high school. Days after the concert, all of the bands competed and received gold ratings.

Lake Central Dance Invitational

On Saturday, Feb. 3, the dance team competed at the Lake Central Dance Invitational at the high school. The team was one of many in attendance and competed in both jazz and hip hop

Yara Hijaz and her friend at ISSMA

Photo submitted by: Yara Hijaz 

Q&A: Yara Hijaz

Q: What did you win and what was it for?

A: “I won a silver medal at state solo and ensemble for band.”

Q: How did you feel going into the contest?

A: “I was extremely nervous going into it and even more nervous while playing because I knew this was a huge opportunity. It is rare to get to be a part of this event at my age and I didn’t want to completely disappoint everyone who was rooting for me.”

Q: How and when did you prepare?

A: “I started preparing for this back in November. I worked slowly at the beginning because it was a whole lot of new techniques that I’ve never attempted, but I just improved with a whole lot of practice.”

Q: How did you feel after you won?

A: “I felt pretty happy that I accomplished what I did but more that anything it’s just making me think of how I can do better next year.”

Fun in the Sun

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, some of the fifth grade classes took advantage of the nice weather and went outside.

Straight “A” Students.

Straight A breakfast

On Feb. 22, the students who received all “A’s” in their classes were invited to attend a straight “A” breakfast. Photo by: Clark Middle School twitter (@Clark_Coyotes).

Matt Szabo before geography bee

One Step Closer

Matthew Szabo (8) is a finalist at Clark Middle School for the National Geographic Bee. All students were given a questions and whoever won in the class competed with other winners their grade level, until there was a finalist for sixth, seventh and eighth grade. The finalists for sixth and seventh grade were Leo LaVoie (6) and Alexa Edwards (7). After each grade had a champion, the three competed and Szabo came out on top. In order to qualify for state finals at IUPUI in March, Szabo had to take an online test and compete against 800 others.

Gingerbread Houses

Mrs. Harstad’s sixth-grade advanced math classes spent their class making gingerbread houses with their group members and if they wanted to, the students were allowed to watch the movie “Happy Feet”. This gave the students an opportunity to relax and have an enjoyable time before winter break. The day after, the students were able to decorate the gingerbread houses they made together.

Celebrating Ten Years

This school year, students and staff at Clark Middle School are celebrating the ten year anniversary of the school.

At the start of the school year, students and staff gathered on the football field and spelled out the number ten to showcase the anniversary for the first time.

Throughout the hallways, there a variety of posters and things created by students and staff members that have to do with either the ten years or involve the word ten in some way. For example, they have ten years of tech, the top ten things about the school, and teachers even took it a step further and put their students’ pictures calling their students the “best”. This gave everyone at the school the opportunity to come together to celebrate the anniversary as the year goes on.

Veteran’s Day Assembly

On Nov. 10, students and staff gathered to celebrate veterans. After a breakfast that students and their veterans were allowed to attend, the entire school made their way to the gym for a special assembly. During the assembly, the veterans were asked to stand when they heard the song the represented whichever branch they served in. After, two videos were shown: one made with stories of veterans and different clips from movies and the other was only interviews with veterans at the local VFW. The folding of the flag took place at the beginning, and the band and choir had multiple performances. As students left the assembly, they were asked to thank the veterans for their service.

Breakfast with Veterans

On Nov. 10, the middle school allowed students to invite veterans in their family to enjoy a breakfast with them at the school and attend the assembly afterward. This gave students and family members a chance to bond and allowed veterans of all backgrounds to discuss their past experiences and listen to those of others.

Gordan Koreman Assembly

Book Signing

Author Gordan Koreman came to the middle school and spent the first part of his time there meeting different staff members and signing books and other things for them. The staff members had the opportunity to talk to Koreman and see the variety of books he has written that may catch their eye. Koreman spent most of his day at the school meeting students who have read his books.

Setting an Example

A student in Mrs. Guzman’s class helps with a demo of a lab they are doing in class. He made sure to use the proper equipment and procedures in order for the experiment to work. This experiment involved the mixing of two liquids, which ended up being mixed together. The student used techniques such as wafting that they are taught as part of lab safety.

Students in Mrs. Nelson’s English class work on Chromebooks and present their projects that they had due. The class was finishing up the presentations from earlier in the week.

Mr. Bolz’s English Language Arts class discuss the poem “The Flight of Icarus” in class. The students read about the story of Icarus prior to reading the poem. As they read the poem together as a class, students were separated into pairs and each person had to say what they thought each small section meant and what importance it had.

St. John Pet Parade

On Saturday, Sept. 15, residents of Saint John were given the opportunity to interact with other members of the community and have an enjoyable time with their pets. For a small fee, anyone who wished could come with their pets and participate in the walk and the costume contest. The parade was organized by Mrs. Sonya Furman, a Clark Middle School Secretary, and Mrs. Cindy Ring, a bookkeeper at the middle school. The two also run the Paws for Cause at the school, and sold different items and accepted donations for the organization. At the conclusion, awards were given out and there were many different items that participants could take for their pets or if they wanted anything.

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