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Amayah Myszak Fundraiser

Watson is selling items to benefit the Myszak family and their medical costs.

Watson is selling mittens and bracelets and all the proceeds will benefit the Myszak family and their medical costs. Watson will be selling the items throughout the next few weeks. Amayah was severely injured in an accident and are members of the Watson community.

Winter Carnival

  • Silent action items line up a table
  • A girl plays a carnival game
  • A teacher leads a game of bingo
  • Two girls visit Santa
  • A girl gets her painted
  • Grimmer bells perform at the Carnival
  • A girl plays a carnival game
  • Kids paint ornaments at a craft station

On Dec. 1, Watson held their annual Holiday Carnival. The carnival contained games, food, DJ, silent auction, pictures with Santa, balloon twisting, and face painting. The Lake Central Choirs and Grimmer Middle School Bells performed throughout the night. Approximately 800 people were in attendance. This was one of the biggest fundraisers of the year and all money raised goes to educational and technology advancements for Watson.

Third Grade Choir

  • The third grade choir signs.
  • The choir stands on the stage.
  • The choir sang holiday songs.
  • Audience members watch the performance.

On Dec. 1, the Watson third grade choir sang at the annual Holiday Carnival. The choir sang multiple holiday songs for a crowd of over 100 people.

Interview with Mr. Starcevich, fourth grade teacher

Q: How many years have you been teaching?

A: “41 years.”

Q: What do you still love about teaching?

A: “[I love] everything about it, I love relationships. It’s changed a lot, trust me I could write a book about it. I like the relationships. I like horsing around with the students by making them laugh and joke around. You teach in the midst of it. You do more entertaining sometimes in teaching. There was one class I took in college. You had to memorize a whole bunch of countries and if you missed one you would get a F. I would go to the class and the teacher was so funny and entertaining. I would there for an hour and a half or two hours laughing with him. I would look forward to that class. I would take that course again. I model my teaching after that you have to have fun and you have to have entertainment. Let the students know you enjoy their presence.”

Q: Why do you love your subject?

A: “When I was younger, I ran into this English teacher and she was brutal. I didn’t have the background. I didn’t know my predicate nouns, direct objects or indirect objects. That was a very miserable year for me. When I became a teacher, I didn’t want any kids to deal with that, because I know there are bigger issues. I hammer grammar and English. I do it jokingly and laughing but we spend so much time on it. A lot of my past students will come back and tell me that it was so beneficial to them.”

Q: How has teaching changed since you began?

A: “When I first started teaching, you would get the curriculum, do it and you knew you did a good job. There was no pressure. We didn’t have to do all the testing. I’m old enough to remember where everyone had a smile on their face, laughing and joking. Unfortunately, it’s not that way anymore. These teachers are so stressed, it’s taken the fun out of the profession. Unfortunately, there’s  such an atmosphere where people come to work so pressured. I know many teachers that cannot wait to get out because of it.”

  • Mr. Starcevich poses for a picture.

Halloween Classroom Parties

  • Two girls play bingo.
  • Treats sit on a students desk.
  • Students make arts and crafts.
  • Students wear their costume to their parties.
  • Students make Halloween crafts.
  • Students play bingo.

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, Watson had their annual Halloween classroom parties. Parents of the students volunteered and helped organize the parties. Some parties included different games like bingo or wrapping toilet paper around students, crafts, and lots of snacks. The students were able to dress up in their costumes to celebrate Halloween.

Boo Bash

  • Two boys walk around in their costumes.
  • A student reaches for candy in a bowl.
  • A girl poses with Thing 1 and Thing 2.
  • A student dressed as a clown Trick or Treats.
  • A Stormtrooper and Jason Trick-or-Treat.
  • Two girls walk around the Boo Bash.
  • A boy dresses as R2D2.
  • A girl dressed as a princess takes candy.
  • Dark Vader Trick-or-Treats during the Boo Bash.
  • A boy dressed as monkey takes candy out of a bowl.
  • A family poses in the photo-booth.

On Friday, Oct. 20, Watson held the PTO Boo Bash. All students were invited to come and celebrate that night. Throughout the night, the students were able to come in their costumes and Trick-or-Treat around the school. Other events included a costume contest, a dance in the gym, refreshments and food and a photo-booth.

Book Fair

  • There was a table at the book fair for teachers and books being donated to them by the Book Fair.
  • A girl shops around and looks for books to buy.
  • A girl looks at the table of books.
  • A girl shops around at the Book Fair.
  • A girl checks out at the Book Fair.
  • A girl reads the back of a book.
  • A girl looks at all the options of books.
  • Books line the table at the Book Fair.

During the week of Oct. 9-13, Watson held their annual book fair. Students were allowed to go to the book fair during their class time in the library. A wide variety of books were available for the students to purchase along with poster, pencils and toys.

Gym Class

  • A volunteer asks one of the students a math question
  • A girl walks around with a parachute
  • A volunteer asks a student a spelling question
  • A girl walks around with a parachute in the tune of a song
  • A boy walk around on a path of letters
  • Three students roll on a mat after answering a math question
  • A group of kindergartner's wave a parachute around

Kindergarten Boot Camp

On Sept. 29, all the kindergarten classes at Watson Elementary had a boot camp in the gym. Each of the students were asked basic spelling, math and reading questions by volunteers and then were able to complete a different obstacle courses.

A kid places his library books on the cart to be returned.Mrs. Toczek reads a book to Mrs. Extin's class.Kids play with magnetic blocks in the library.Two girls from Mrs. Extin's first grade class make pyramids with blocks.A girl helps build a tower with magnetic blocks in the library.Three boys build a tower with magnetic blocks.Two boys in Mrs. Extin's first grade class build toys.A girl plays with pyramid blocks during her time in the library.Two girls from Mrs. Extin's class read instructions to the blocks.Four first graders help build a tower with magnetic blocks.

Mrs. Extin’s first grade class took a trip to the library on Sept. 12. While in the library, the students returned their books, checked new ones out, and creative new things with magnetic blocks. Also, Mrs. Toczek, librian, read the class the first book out of 20 in their series called Young Hoosier. With the Young Hoosier, 20 books will be read to the students and in February, the students will choose their favorite one.