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Solving the equation.

  • students smile and laugh while on the Ipad.
  • Students solve math problems
  • Protsman students work on Ipads

Mrs. Ramarez first grade class, uses Ipads with their math lesson. Students would solve math problems either with their groups or individually. Once finished each student would make a video of them solving the problem and posting it so other students could view the answers.

Supply and demand

  • students look at posters and write down their results.
  • Protsman students talk to one another.

Mrs. Walters third grade calss, learned about supply and demand. Students made posters and products to sell. The calss was then able to buy and sell their products through a fake currency that they had been given.

Tying the week up

protsman students wear ties.

Mrs. Mcarter’s 2nd grade class dressed up and wore ties for the new book they are reading. Mr. Tanesn Tie Trouble. 


Happy holidays from Protsman office staff

Goodbye 2017!

Nothing bus smiles as students go to their buses for a the start of a long vacation away from school.

Holiday parties!

Protsman celebrated the end of the first semester with room parties throughout the school. Students played games and had snacks until the end of the day. School will resume on Monday January 8, 2018.

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  • protsman students make art projects
  • A protsman student laughs out of joy.
  • A girl tie's a necklace
  • Protsman students make holiday themed projects

Crafting the Holidays

First grade had their book sharing week at Protsman. For the last day students participated in making holiday themed arts and crafts.

Christmas Choir

Protsman students performed their Christmas choir and recorder show to the school on Tuesday Dec. 19. The entire school was in attendance, a evening show was performed for parents at 6:00p.m. that night.

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Gingerbread houses

Kindergarten students made gingerbread houses with their peers and help from parent volunteers.

  • a student types on a chromebook.
  • a group of students work together.
  • A boy works on his project
  • Students hard at work on their research.
  • A group of girls is hard at work researching their projects.

Genius Hour with Mrs. Bendis

Mrs. Bendis’s (4th grade) every Friday for one hour her class has genius hour. Bendis students all have a project that they doa nd work on. Each student having a different topic. For two weeks the class has been researching, the project will continue through the end of the year. The goal is for each student to present their presentation to the class and someone in the community.

  • students play games in the classroom
  • students show their tickets to watch the Polar EXpress
  • Protsman students
  • Protsman students play games
  • students make cookies
  • Students make cookies

Polar Express

Protsman elementary students in Kindergarten watched the Polar Express to finish of the end of the first semester. Students made cookies and had hot chocolate for drinks and snacks.

Starting off stress free

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Mrs. DuBrock is bringing a new class to Lake Central second semester. DuBrock will be having a yoga and stress class. Sessions will last for six weeks and there will be a class every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00p.m.

Perfecting the equations

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Mrs. Diana Webber and her third class participated in Dream Box Math Challenge. Participating in this challenge was over 9,000 other classes. With extremely hard work from Mrs. Webber and her students they placed ninety-seventh out of 9,307. Classrooms across the United States participated and even Canada participated in this event. They were placed thirteenth out of 1,560 classes in the Northwest Indiana region. The event lasted from Oct. 30 through Nov. 17. In that time the class completed 1,638 lessons. Fantastic work Mrs. Webber’s class. You make Protsman and Lake Central proud.

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Baking memories

Mrs. Webber’s class made bread in the community room. The students followed step by step instructions with the help of parents.

Pie Charts

Protsman students learn a new math lesson. Students got to draw the size of the shoe and then make a chart comparing their feet sizes to their peers. The class used little square blocks to count how big their shoe size was.

  • Protsman students learn a new math lesson
  • Protsman students trace each other shoes.
  • Protsman first grader counts the number of blocks on her shoe.
  • Students help make a chart on the white board.
  • 1st grade class at Protsman makes a chart.
  • Protsman student writes his final answer on the board.

Protsman elementary celebrated Veterans day on Nov. 10 with an assembly and breakfast. The breakfast being provided by the kitchen staff who came in early and prepared the food for the event. The cafeteria was decorated with American flags and red, white, and blue themed decoratins. The Veterans where invited to the cafeteria where students with attending Veterans greeted them with huge smiles. While students and Veterans enjoyed their breakfast patriotic music was played in the backgroud and students and veterans where able to have their photos taken and printed for free. Students where sent home with the photos at the end of the day. Once the Veterans and students finished their breakfast, the remainder of the school made its way down to the LGI room where there would be an assembly honoring the Veterans. With the LGI and cafeteria connected the Veterans where able to stay in their seats and witness the entire cermoney in front of them. Once all students arrived the assembly started with Mr. Brown speaking to the school and he gave a short story of what Veterans day represented. The second grade performed several songs for the Veterans, and the Boy Scouts helped with the flag ceremonys. The event ended with Veterans being saluted for their actions.

Veterans Day

Veterans check in.

Happy Halloween from Protsman

Protsman celebrated Halloween on October 31st by having room parties. Parents were invited to attend and dress up and help with the room parties. Students were dressed in their costumes and laughed the afternoon away playing a variety of games in their classrooms.

Fire safety assembly

  • A fire fighter from the Dyer Fire Department speaks to a Protsman teacer.
  • Protsman students sit and listen to the Dyer Fire Department.
  • Protsman students play jepardy in the fire prevention assembly.
  • Protsman students sit during a fire prevention assembly.
  • A teacher at Protsman is dressed up in fire fighter uniform.

The Dyer Fire Department gave a informal meeting to Protsman students on October 17. Students played jeopardy and the class that answered the most questions had their teacher dress up in full fire fighter uniform.

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50 days in Kindergarten

The Kindergarten classes at Protsman celebrated 50 days of school. Students dressed up in 1950’s attire. Photos submitted by Ms. Du Brock and by Mrs. Popa.

  • Protsman students play games.
  • Kindergarden students play Twister.
  • A kindergarten class posses outside their classroom.
  • Protsman students pose with ice cream.
  • Protsman students celebrate 50 days of Kindergarten.
  • Protsman students and parents smile for a picture.
  • Protsman celebrated 50 days of school.
  • Kindergarten celebrates 50 days of school.

2017 Walk-A-Thon

The 2017 Walk-A-Thon was a super success at Protsman. All grades K-4 got to participate in the event and with the help of the Dyer Police providing safety on the street. The kids started at Protsman and walked about half a mile down the road with police officers at every block. At the halfway point there was a water station for the kids who got a cup of water. Once they had refreshed they continued walking until they returned to Protsman. The grades where divided up and each grade got their colored t-shirt. The morning group that walked was the kindergarten through first grade grade. In the afternoon second through fourth grade walked a full mile. Once back all graded got to have fun by dancing and getting small treats from HSA parents. Students danced and laughed for an hour while the teachers got to take a break from the classroom and dance with them. Once the dance party’s had ended the groups went back inside where they finished the remainder of their school day in the classroom, all the kids walking in with smiles eager to get back to learning.

Historical Halloween

  • Protsman students sit and wait for their turn in Historical Halloween.
  • Two girls stand and present Historical Halloween.
  • A boy is dressed as a astronaut for Halloween.
  • A Protsman studen is dressed up for Historical Halloween.
  • A boy is dressed as Walt Disney for Historical Halloween.

Students dressed up as historical figures for Halloween. Students gave a presentation on their characters to parents in the LGI room.

  • Protsman students pass around a railraod spike.
  • Protsman students and parents watch a video about train and street saftey.
  • Protsman students pratice crossing the street.
  • Protsman students pratice how to cross train tracks.
  • Protsman students pratice how to safley cross the street.
  • Protsman students watch a video on train saftey.
  • Dyer Police Department shows students how to safley cross the street.
  • Protsman students finish their fire drill.
  • Protsman students learn how to cross the street safley.
  • Protsman students learn about smoke detecors.
  • Protsman students pratice climing out the window in a drill.
  • Protsman students pratice fire drill with smoke.
  • Protsman students sit and listen to a firefighter.
  • Protsman students eat lunch at the saftey villiage.

Safety Village

The second grade classes of Mr. Montez and Ms.Cornwell took a trip to the tri-town safety village. The kids who were super excited for the trip were split up by class and were taught how to be safe in the tri-town area.

The day started off with a lecture about train safety from Ms. Jody. The class learned about how to safely cross train tracks and why to never play near them. Ms. Jody had the class watch a video on train safety then she took the class outdoors. There Ms. Jody showed the class how to safely cross a street and what to look for when crossing train tracks. Ms. Jody showed the class the warning signs of train crossing and she took them inside a train caboose that was over a 100 years old. Once Ms. Jody had finished with showing the kids how to cross train tracks safely.

After the class finished up with Ms. Jody they were delivered to officer Kissinger who took the class back indoors. Officer Brian Kissinger from the Dyer Police Department who has been teaching at the safety village almost his entire career as a police officer, was very friendly and excited to meet the kids. Kissinger taught the kids about police safety and went into more detail on how to safely cross the street. Kissinger also explained what the duty of a police officer was and why they should trust the police. Kissinger worked directly with kids and would throw a few jokes in his lecture to keep the kids laughing and the adults who were chaperoning the field trip. Once the lecture had ended they went outside and Kissinger had the kids practice how to cross the street the way he showed them in his lecture.

Once they had finished practicing Officer Kissinger took the class over to the fire department. There they met Terry Swartouth from the St. John Police Department. Swartouth has been working at the safety village for more than 10 years now. He showed the class how to safely exit a building that is on fire and after the class practiced the entire group got to simulate a exit from a house that is on fire. The house filled with smoke and the kids safely exited the building. Once the exercise had come to an end the classes went to lunch where they ended the day. While at lunch they watched a video on electric safety and what to do before they go and dig and do construction projects at home. After the video ended the classes packed up and returned to Prostman.