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Primary Colors

In Mr. Terrys art class students would be learning from paint. To start off the class they had to separate their paper plates into sections for the primary colors. Once they all had the primary colors down they were ready to create new colors out of just those three. Taking blue,red and yellow, they would combined two at a time to create colors such as orange. It was all smiles when the art students began to see new colors forming on their plates.

The Wizard of Oz

Peifer students are learning different character conflicts in the book, “The Wizard of Oz”.  They were going through different conflicts; character vs. self, character vs. nature and character vs. society. Each character was put onto the smart board and students were asked what character conflict they had gone through during the chapters previously read. Later, they would take what they have learned and after the hard work they would get to be creative. Each student would be assigned a character and would have to make it out of paper and then write about what they know on that character.

Using Technology

In Mrs.Iszak class students were busy taking a test, in a new way. They were taking their AR test over a book they had all recently read. It was interesting to come in to everyone holding tablets. Instead of a pencil and paper, students get a tablet from the cart and this is what they will be taking their test on. This goes to show how although technology could be seen as a down side to the younger generation, there are also many good uses that can come out of them.

Making snowmen, without actual snow.

Again with the holiday spirit. Christmas time is the prime for fun projects here at Peifer. From colorful gingerbread to cut out snowmen. It is a relieving break from all the hard work, for the students as well as the teachers. It gives the students a chance to let their creative and artistic side out, more then when doing book work. They have fun getting to cut out and assemble all the pieces necessary to create a snowman. Knowing that once finished they will be hung in the hall for everyone to see.

A day on The Polar Express

Polar Express Day, at Peifer Elementary, is one to remember! It is a surprise to the 3rd graders every year but something the teachers look forward to. Some might say they are as excited as the students are. Their principle, Mr. DeLaughter, gets into the character of the conductor from the Christmas movie. But between him and the one on the movie,it’s hard to tell the difference. It puts a smile on anyone’s face to see the kids reaction when he walks through the classroom door. Each have a ticket that gets home punched to show their admittance and then they are on their way to get snacks in the cafeteria. While they are eating the conductor is shuffling the tickets to choose a name. The name that is drawn is the winner of the first gift of the year,as from the movie. On arrival back to their rooms they are excited to discover they each have received a bell in their desk,like the one at the end of The Polar Express.

Getting into the holiday spirit.

Students are starting to get into the holiday spirit. Now that it is officially after thanksgiving they can break out all of the Christmas decorations and projects. Starting out with something simple and a Christmas classic,they are coloring gingerbread. But it is not just any coloring project,they have to follow different rules to know what to color with which color. For example,if they are a boy they color it blue,if a girl, color it pink. This makes for some exciting final pictures. And then once they are done with that,they learn of a surprise. There were many guesses to this surprise but no one guessed it. They were going to be watching, “The Polar Express” in class!

Practicing their singing.

There is a lot that students can do in music class. From learning how to play instrument to learning the proper way to carry a tune with their voices. Singing was their main priority in this class. They were taught how to warm up their voices using different vocal sounds and tricks. As well as how to control their breathing while singing and different pitches. Then they got a chance to use what they have learned in a short solo in front of the class.

Students learn something new.

In Mrs Garcia’s 4th grade class they are learning something new. They are learning proper nouns. But instead of doing it on their own,they have gotten into groups to help each other out.

Spell Bowl

4th Grade

  The 4th graders are working hard on memorizing their word list of about five-hundred words. Those interested in spell bowl have been attending meetings for weeks now. They meet with, Mrs. Spanier and Mrs. Garcia, to practice their spelling abilities. The teachers give them a word off of the list and then they show their white board and for each one they get right  they got a point. When it comes time for the real spell bowl competition, those with the most tallied point get to compete.

Halloween Moon

Kindergartners in Mrs. Dobias  class are showing off their holiday decorating  in some different way. Covering part of the floor of their classroom, were beautiful fall colored moons, painted by Peifers very own. The students were able to show how unique they could make their personal moon with colors like yellow,orange, and red. They called them their, Halloween Moons.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Pumpkin Contest

The students at Peifer are really getting into the fall festivities. Kids of all ages had the chance to enter into  the pumpkin contest. But it was not your usual carving contest, it was decorating included. Students were able to bring their creative ideas to life with; paint, cotton balls, glitter or anything they saw fitting. Then throughout the day  teachers and staff would stop by the pumpkin patch to vote in who they thought was the best and most creatively decorated pumpkin.


Guinea Pig

Samson,that is the name of Mrs. Dallman’s new class pet. He has been warmly welcomed into the 5th class by all students. Not only do they love to watch Samson run around but he also helps with their academics! The students know to be quiet and attentive, to not frighten the small guinea pig. This is a nice way to keep class in order and the for the kids to learn how to be respectful of others, even to Samson the guinea pig.

Walk the Plank

This is something new coming to Peifer Elementary. It  is an award system for good behavior by the students. Mrs.Hartman brought in the 1st graders to tell them about the program. All it takes is doing something good,like picking up garbage or helping a friend. The students can be rewarded a yay tag,which is something that they can put on a key chain and attach it to their backpacks to collect over the school year. They can get a “my principle is proud of me sticker”,or they can receive a token, that they can exchange for a prize at the treasure tower. All of this is working towards a better school community and understanding among the students.


Hit a Home Run, was the name of the walk-a-thon held in the gym, at Peifer Elementary School, on Friday,September 22nd. Students,teachers and even the principle were all participating. Students that helped raise money for different programs such as the playground. Those that raised the most were given the title of 1st,2nd and 3rd place and given an award. Not only were individual students awarded but the class that raised the most as a whole. Students put in some exercise while walking around the gym,they did this all while dancing,spinning and skipping to music.

Students hard at work.

Only a month into school and students are well on their way. They start off class with a group activity. Students got together with their peers and took turns reading out loud. After different parts were read they would discuss answers to questions given by the teacher. It is a good start to the year and the students are ready to learn ,and participate.