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Holiday Parties

  • Students play holiday game
  • Girl being wrapped like a tree
  • Snowman toss game
  • Making reindeer ornament
  • Kids decorating cupcakes
  • Mom helping student
  • Musical chairs
  • Snowman on paper bag
  • Students in Mrs. Bailey's second grade class sing to Mrs. Sikich
  • Students give her a card
  • Students hug Mrs. Sikich

A Holiday Surprise

Students in Mrs. Bailey’s second-grade class went to Mrs. Sikich’s class and sang Christmas songs to her. Those who had her as a teacher the year before made her cards for the holidays.

  • Adank and student
  • Perfetti reads to students
  • Grinch performance
  • Students during program
  • students during program
  • Perfetti with students
  • Parents help daughter with christmas tree activity
  • student works on christmas tree

Mrs. Perfetti’s Program

Kindergarteners in Ms. Perfetti’s class performed for members of their family and sang three songs for them before decorating Christmas trees made out of ice cream cones. The students performed at a nursing home days before, and Perfetti emphasized that while academics are important, she wants students to know that kindness is also.

  • students and staff with officers for comfort toy pickup

Comfort Toy Pickup

Students donated a variety of toys and stuffed animals to the different police stations in Lake County that they use as “comfort toys” for children who are shaken up in situations such as car accidents. Instead of just picking the toys up on their own time, police officers from different towns came and spoke to some third-grade classes and took pictures with them.

Thanksgiving Centers

  • Student during centers
  • Student makes oreo turkey
  • Students make turkeys out of pinecones
  • Student does thanksgiving math
  • Student writes name on turkey feathers
  • Girl in Ms. Bailey's class makes bracelet
  • Boy makes oreo turkey
  • Student working on math
  • Student finishes toilet paper roll turkey
  • Student working on thanksgiving word worksheet
  • Girl working on turkey
  • Mom helps make bracelets
  • Mom helps student during center
  • Mrs. Bailey ties bracelets

Ladwig Thanksgiving Program

  • Students perform first part of program
  • Students pretending to walk
  • Students dressed as Native Americans talk
  • Students perform song
  • Students performing
  • Students pretending to have big stomachs
  • Students continue program
  • Students look at kid dressed as a turkey

Students in the first grade class performed a Thanksgiving program in front of their family members before Thanksgiving break.

  • Sign outside of classroom
  • Mom eating with daughter after program
  • Three students introducing the show
  • Students yelling "we want pizza!" during program
  • Students in Mrs. Ranich's class performing
  • Students recite a part for the program
  • Students singing
  • Students holding up mayflower
  • Students singing
  • Students reciting their part of the program
  • Mrs. Ranich's class singing
  • Girl pretending to be a turkey
  • Students pretending to be turkeys
  • Students finish up performance

Ranich and Bailey Thanksgiving Program

Students in Mrs. Ranich and Mrs. Bailey’s second grade classes perform a Thanksgiving program for siblings, parents and grandparents. The students performed multiple songs along with reciting different facts for the audience showing them what they have learned about Thanksgiving.

  • Class showing their love for veterans
  • More student crafts for veterans day
  • A student craft
  • Student crafts
  • Student writing to veterans
  • Student soldier craft
  • Students watch a veteran's day assembly
  • Man standing when his song plays
  • Students and staff listen as Mr. Begley speaks
  • Mr. Begley speaking
  • Mr. Begley speaking
  • Clark band performing
  • Student reciting her part of the program
  • Kolling students singing

Veteran’s Day

On Nov.10, a Veteran’s Day program was held in the gymnasium for students, staff and the veterans. Prior to the program, veterans were invited to have refreshments in the library. To start off the program, the fourth graders sang for the audience, followed by performances by the Clark Middle School band and choir. Veteran’s were asked to stand up when the song of their branch played and both former members and current members of the military attended. Mr. Sean Begley, Lake Central Principal, also came and spoke during the program. Several students also had the opportunity to be in the program by saying a few things during it.

Bussey Centers

  • Dad with glow slime
  • Students make dancing skeletons
  • Students make popcorn gloves
  • Students play spider game
  • Students learn about pumpkins

Mrs. Bussey’s first graders participate in centers before Halloween. Students had the opportunity to learn while doing fun activities during the day.

  • Students make pumpkin lanterns
  • Horton and students pose for a photo
  • Medusa girl posting
  • students wrap peers in toilet paper for halloween

Halloween Party

  • All students participate in the game during class
  • Students who are out sit out

Students in Mr. Zak’s music class got to play a game for the entirety of their class as soon as they finished their first activity. They had to pass a bean bag to their classmates without dropping it and could only pass it when people were singing. Whoever had it when the music stopped was out of the game and had to sit on the rafters.

  • Students work on projects for art
  • A students asks the teacher for help

In art class, students made a quick and easy project just in time for Halloween. The students cut out pumpkins and put them on a blue paper and got to use different textures on the background. This simple project allowed students to make something before they had fall break.

A third grader waits for instructions from her teacher.

Students in Mrs. Pawlak's third grade class work on Chromebooks for the first time.

A student helps another log in on his chromebook.
Mrs. Pawlak hands out students' usernames and passwords for the year.
Students help each other use chromebooks.
Students organize books on the bookshelf in Mrs. Pawlak's class.
Mrs. Bussey's class models their flip flops.

Students in Mrs. Bussey's first grade class showcase the flip flops they created.

Students in Mrs. Yothment's class celebrate birthdays.

Kindergarten students celebrate a peer's birthday.

  • Mrs. Pawlak showing book
  • Student shows teacher her design
  • Students help a peer with his project
  • Student working on Oliver K. Woodman project

Students in Mrs. Pawlak’s third grade class begin working on their Oliver K. Woodman project. They decorated the paper and later will have their pictures on the faces of them. Once they are finished, they will send them to relatives in different parts of the country and they will take them on adventures. During these adventures, they will take pictures of the projects and send them back to the students.

  • Teacher helps student with her story
  • Students walk to nature walk
  • A student joins the "author's bench"
  • A peer asks a question about the context of a story
  • Students volunteer to share their stories

Second graders in Mrs. Ranich’s class go outside to see the nature trail and write stories. Although the nature trail was blocked off by a tree, students still got the opportunity to sit outside. After time alone writing their stories, they met with their spelling partners to get feedback and suggestions. At the end of the class, two students had the opportunity to sit on the “authors bench” and read their stories to the class.

  • teacher in dunk tank
  • boy playing soccer
  • alien game at fun fair

Kolling hosted their annual funfair on Sept. 15. There was many different activities including games, a dunk tank, inflatables, live entertainment and much more for children and their families to enjoy. There was also different opportunities for students to win different prizes and basket with different items in them.

  • Students see how many pennies a wet paper towel could hold
  • Students are shown how to use the microscope
  • Students doing a water scavenger hunt
  • Students in tootsie pop lab

Third Grade Science Rotations