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Scholastic Pajama Drive

Homan participated in the Scholastic Pajama Drive, for every pair of pajamas they donated, Scholastic will donate a book to a child in need.  To help raise the collection efforts students were allowed to wear a pair of pajamas if they brought in a pair on Friday December 1st.  The collection on Friday December 8th with more than 300 pairs of pajamas collected surpassing last years collection and meeting their goal for this year. Nice work Homan!

  • Pajama Drive.

Holiday Crafts

Mrs. Wolff’s 1st grade class is making macaroni and plate wreathes for a Christmas art project.

  • Christmas art project

Homan Winter Fest

On Friday December 1st Homan Elementary had their winter fest.  The night consisted of food, arts and crafts, raffles, pictures with Santa, and Christmas shopping.  They were also hosting a coat drive to help those in need.  It was a nice night to kick off the Holiday festivities.

  • Homan Winter Fest

The whole first grade class got together November, 21st to celebrate Thanksgiving.  They celebrated with each class performing a song or skit.  After their performances everyone enjoyed a nice Friendsgiving snack.

1st Grade Friendsgiving

  • 1st Grade Friendsgiving.

On November 10th Homan Elementary School hosted its annual Veterans Day breakfast.  Students invited veterans to share this morning with.  The morning was kicked off with student performances and then followed by breakfast.

Homan Veterans Day Breakfast

Candy Corn Investigation

Mrs. Wolff’s 1st grade class participated in a holiday themed candy corn science experiment.  The students would place a candy corn in four different solutions; water, water and baking soda mix, salt water, and water and vinegar mix.  They would leave the candy corn in the solution for 10-15 minutes and then remove the candy corn to record their observations.

  • Candy corn results.
  • Experiment results.
  • The materials for the experiment.
  • Mrs. Wolff's first grad class who participated in experiment.
  • Students record their observations of the candy corn in the solution experiments.

Halloween Parade

On October 31st Homan Elementary had their Halloween parade to kick off their Halloween parties.  One grade at a time, students would parade around the school as they showed off their latest and greatest Halloween costumes.

  • A student wears a Robin costume.
  • Students at Homan smile for a picture on Halloween.
  • A girl wears a princess costume and a boy wear a Mindcraft costume during the parade.
  • A student wears a Spongebob costume.
  • A student shows off his costume during the Halloween parade.
  • A student walks in their Batman costume for a parade.
  • Students wear their costume for the Homan parade.
  • Students at Homan walk in a Halloween parade.
  • A student walks with a scream costume on.
  • A girl walks around the school in her Halloween costume.
  • A girl wears a police officer costume.

Homan Fell into Fall

Homan is really embracing this fall season.  Outside nearly every class room is fall decorations that are displaying students classwork.  It is so nice to see Homan so festive this time of year.

Gym Class Dodgeball

Mrs. Wolff’s 1st Graders Put on a Play

Mrs. Wolff’s 1st grade students perform a play for Mrs. Pavlina’s kindergarten class.

Kindergarten Show & Tell

Mrs. Pavlina’s Kindergarten class does show and tell.

Homan Walk-A-Thon

Homan Elementary participates in the annual Walk-A-Thon.

Music Class

Mrs. Puzey’s music class engages children by playing a game to an interactive song.