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On Feb. 2,  the Lake Central School Corporation lost one of it’s own, Mr. Dan Runyan, at the young age of just 45 . He was a science teacher at Grimmer Middle School as well a coach and volunteer for the after school Running Club.

         He was not only one who students looked up to, but a loving husband and father to his 9 and 14 year old children. By the floods of post made by Runyan’s former students on social media, it is seen just how fond everyone was of him, some describing the science teacher as an inspiration and just fun to be around.

He was finishing up a run with Grimmer’s after school running club, when he collapsed of a heart attack. It came as a surprise to those who knew him due to the life changes he had made for his health and well-being over the past four years. Over those years, Mr. Runyan had lost 100 pounds and was recently training to run a marathon.

Everyone here in the Lake Central community is feeling the impact of this tragic loss and are encouraged to show respect and  support to his family. The celebration of  Mr. Runyans  life will be held at a later date.

Game of Tiaras

This is one of the many practices that the students are going through for the play. Today, January 29th, they are practices pages 47 – 50 of the play. The students involved in the play are working diligently throughout the week to perfect their parts. They work on their own lines and work with each other in order to perfect each scene. The students don’t get discouraged when their director has a critique but get takes it as encouragement to get better and better. The name of this play is, Game of Tiaras. If you are interested in seeing the play live and want to know what it is all about, you can come watch it on any of these dates: April 27th, 28th or the 29th. Come out and support the incredibly talented and dedicated Grimmer students, you will not be disappointed.

Running Club

Running Club is for all students that want to join. It can be for those trying to get in their daily exercises or those trying to release some energy. It is ran by a couple of Grimmers very own teachers who volunteer to run the club after school hours. First, the runners start off by stretching  so they don’t take the chance of hurting themselves while running. Then they split into two groups, boys and girls. Lastly, they will start off their twenty minute run or jog through not only grimmer but parts of the elementary school as well.

Computer Science

This club is one that takes a lot more thinking then some. Today the students in attendance were coding through programs. This resembles that of a computer science class at the high school. This can be fun but also can be preparing them for a high school course in this subject.

Science Olympiad

Today was a very simple day for these students in this club. With subject and projects assigned there was not much to be figured. Students worked together or individually on moving forward on their subject. It is seen in their concentration on what’s at hand that they truly want to be here and are passionate about what they are making and doing.

School Play

Students practice their lines for the school play. Together they help one another practice their acting skills before the real thing. When it is their time, each student will audition in front of the teachers in charge of the play. They are taken into a separate room individually to give their performance for the role they are striving for. Although they could be going for the same character as another one of their peers they still show great support for their friends and wish them good luck when it comes for their time.

Yoga Club

If  you want a place to unwind and feel completely at ease and calm,yoga club is the place to be! Any student can be apart of this serene atmosphere. But not only do students take the advantage of the quiet,other teachers in the school join as well. It starts out with simple breathing techniques to calm the body and mind and then they work their way to simple stretches. All while gentle music is playing in the background to keep the atmosphere as mellow as possible.

Scientific Method

Using movies to learn.

  On, October 31st,2017, students in Mrs.Gross science class, were taking on a new way of learning. Instead of sitting their and doing a worksheet over to learn how the scientific method works,they did a worksheet that went along with a movie. Because of the holiday it was,the movie they referred to was,Charlie Brown. On their worksheet they were given a question,hypothesis and experiment. Their experiment and goal was to put a point next to each character every time they say the word pumpkin. Then they had to compare their final result to their previous hypothesis.

Engineering and Technology

Windmill Construction

  On,October 24,2017,students in the tech ed department were hard at work on their assignment for the day. With their previous knowledge in the class and the instructions provided, they had to construct a windmill like contraption.

Gym Class

Push-up Test

  This was not like any other test that students are used to taking. It did not involve studying: instead it involved the physical strength of the students themselves. This was made to test how many push ups each student was capable of doing. Just like the pacer test,kids are given a buzzer to signal time to start  and then they have to keep in time with the beeps to the push-ups. Besides testing their push-up ability, it makes for a little competition between students and their 8th grade peers.

Art Department

The place to be.

  Art class is always a happening place to be here at grimmer. Here specifically the eighth graders are working on their paper mache pieces. They are making something of their own imagination with the paper mache. Something as simple as a paper mache house,finishing it off with painting it to look more realistic. This shows off skills that students might not have known they had. Art class is not just about whether you can draw, it is how you take the instruction you are given, with personal creativity and put in the effort to make something beautiful.

Playground to Pills

On September 19th, students had the opportunity to listen to four different speakers give a presentation called,Your Choice, on the awareness of alcohol and drugs. They each gave personal accounts they have had with alcohol and substance abuse. They gave their experience with them first hand or of an experience someone they were close to had. The goal of this presentation is to show the affects that substance abuse can have to direct students away from it.

Fearless Females

This club is for those who feel passionate about the empowerment of females. Girls of all ages come here to share their thoughts on topics and how they think they can help the community. They have elected officers to run the projects that they discuss and to get everyone excited on what’s to come. Each student wants to be involved in any way they can,in and out of school. They hope to show how strong and independent girls can make a big difference when given the opportunity.

Fitness Club

These 5th graders are in for a workout! This is an after school club specifically for those in the 5th grade. This club is for those who like to get their heart racing.They do a variety of workouts, from just running the halls of Grimmer to workouts inspired by superheros. Through the stretches and push-ups you can see the excitement on their face when they reach the goal they set for themselves the previous week.