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Field Day

  • Girl cheering on team
  • Students talking during field day
  • Students seeing who can jump the farthest
  • Long jumping game
  • girl playing basketball
  • Sac race
  • Potato race

On Tuesday, May 22, fifth grade students participated in the annual field day. There was a variety of  activities for the students to participate in including races, tug-of-war and basketball.

Fifth Grade Choir Pizza Party

  • Students eating pizza
  • Students talking
  • Students eating
  • Students taling
  • Students during party

On Monday, May 21, fifth grade choir students stayed after school for a pizza party to celebrate the end of the year. After eating pizza, a student brought cupcakes for everyone in the choir for her birthday. Students were given the opportunity to socialize with their friends in the choir before they left for summer.

Dodgeball Tournament

  • Students during dodgeball
  • 8th graders during dodgeball
  • Student during game
  • STudents competing
  • Teachers playing against students
  • Principals against students
  • Mr. Bolz playing during game

On Thursday, May 17, students and staff participated in the annual dodgeball tournament. The winners got to face the teachers. The students ultimately won the tournament.

Eigth Grade Choir Banquet

  • students during choir banquet
  • Parents getting food
  • parents hugging
  • Students getting awards
  • Student receiving medal
  • Students with awards

On Tuesday, May 15, the eigth grade choir hosted the first choir banquet. After sitting down and enjoying food with family and friends, students received awards from the choir director.

  • student singing solo
  • Arroyo
  • Students performing during concert

10 Years of Singing

On Saturday, May 12, the Clark Middle School choirs held their final concert of the year. Since it is the 10 year anniversary of the middle school being open, choir alumni were invited back to sing with the choir concert to a song that is performed every year. The students were invited to practice with the choir and the old choir instructor joined in leading both of the choirs at the end.

Clark choir logo

Choir Alumni Concert

On May 12th, the choir will be hosting one of its annual concerts. For this concert, Clark Choir Alumni are invited to come and sing the song “Blessing” that all choir members sang at the end of the year.

Details: Date: May 12, Time: 7:00 pm, Location: Lake Central Auditorium

Clark Alumni are invited to practice with the choir in the auditorium 4:45 to practice “Blessing”, followed by a pizza dinner and will receive a free ticket to the concert.

If you plan on attending, contact Mrs. Arroyo at

Mary Poppins

  • Students pose before intermission
  • Students pose before intermission
  • Student singing during musical
  • Student performing during musical
  • Students during musical
  • Mary Poppins during musical
  • Students during Mary Poppins

On Saturday, April 14, students performed their final Mary Poppins show. Their was a variety of refreshments for those attending to enjoy.

Shakespeare’s Birthday Party

  • Students standing by shakespeare poster
  • Students playing charades
  • Ice cream table set up for students
  • Students playing charades
  • Students playing headbanz
  • Photo props
  • Students attempt to write Shakespeare's name
  • Poem created by students

Students celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday on Thursday, April 19. There was a variety of activities for students to participate in including charades, Headbanz, poem creating, coloring and recreating Shakespeare’s signature. After lunch students were offered ice cream to celebrate. They also made posters with information from the time period.

  • NJHS induction ceremony
  • Students enter induction ceremony
  • Teacher speaks during ceremony
  • Student walks across stage to receive certificate
  • Student signs name
  • Student shaking hands with principals

NJHS Induction

On April 10, seventh and eighth grade students were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Family and friends were invited to attend the ceremony and stay after to greet the students. During the ceremony, several students spoke along with the principal and teacher. After students exited the ceremony, family was invited to stay for refreshments.

Soil and Water

  • Soil and water presentation
  • Students looking at past poster contest winners
  • Students participating in pollution activity
  • Teacher helps students during activity
  • Students working during soil and water activity

On April 5, fifth grade students participated in soil and water again. They were informed about the poster contest and how the winner gets their poster printed on a billboard. After students were shown examples of past winners, they participated in a pollution activity.

Choir Concert

  • Mrs. Arroyo speaking to parents
  • Students singing during choir concerts

On Tues. March 6, choir students performed their ISSMA preview concert for parents. The concert was held before the groups competed so parents could hear the songs if they could not attend the contest.

Chair Decorations

  • Bunny chair decorated
  • Disco chair decorated by students
  • chair decorated by student

Chairs decorated by students are showcased in the window of the office for visitors along with students and staff to admire.


  • Stuffed animals before being passed out
  • Puppygrams that were sent to staff members

Students were able to send fellow students or teachers puppygrams, and they were delivered at the beginning of the month. Those who bought them were able to write notes for the person they were sending them to. Many students purchased them, some even bought them for themselves.

Spring Band Concert

  • students palying piano
  • Percussionist playing for audience
  • Student playing baritone
  • Girl playing bass clarinet
  • Student playing trombone
  • Band performing
  • Girl playing trumpet
  • Band performing
  • High School students playing for audience
  • Student playing clarinet during jazz songs

The seventh and eighth grade bands performed an ISSMA preview concert for their parents. The concert opened with performances by the jazz band, followed by a performance by Connor Fox (12) and Maya McCants (12) from the high school. Days after the concert, all of the bands competed and received gold ratings.

Lake Central Dance Invitational

  • Clark at lcdi
  • clark at lcdi
  • Clark performing hip hop at lcdi
  • Clark at LCDI

On Saturday, Feb. 3, the dance team competed at the Lake Central Dance Invitational at the high school. The team was one of many in attendance and competed in both jazz and hip hop

Yara Hijaz and her friend at ISSMA

Photo submitted by: Yara Hijaz 

Q&A: Yara Hijaz

Q: What did you win and what was it for?

A: “I won a silver medal at state solo and ensemble for band.”

Q: How did you feel going into the contest?

A: “I was extremely nervous going into it and even more nervous while playing because I knew this was a huge opportunity. It is rare to get to be a part of this event at my age and I didn’t want to completely disappoint everyone who was rooting for me.”

Q: How and when did you prepare?

A: “I started preparing for this back in November. I worked slowly at the beginning because it was a whole lot of new techniques that I’ve never attempted, but I just improved with a whole lot of practice.”

Q: How did you feel after you won?

A: “I felt pretty happy that I accomplished what I did but more that anything it’s just making me think of how I can do better next year.”

Fun in the Sun

  • students playing football outside
  • students doing trust falls outside
  • students playing outside
  • students playing outside
  • student playing soccer outside

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, some of the fifth grade classes took advantage of the nice weather and went outside.

Straight “A” Students.

Straight A breakfast

On Feb. 22, the students who received all “A’s” in their classes were invited to attend a straight “A” breakfast. Photo by: Clark Middle School twitter (@Clark_Coyotes).

spring football

Spring Football

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  • Robot Activity


Students in Mr. Hedman’s fifth grade class did an activity involving robots. Students had to bring in robots that they made and race them in the classroom.

Matt Szabo before geography bee

One Step Closer

Matthew Szabo (8) is a finalist at Clark Middle School for the National Geographic Bee. All students were given a questions and whoever won in the class competed with other winners their grade level, until there was a finalist for sixth, seventh and eighth grade. The finalists for sixth and seventh grade were Leo LaVoie (6) and Alexa Edwards (7). After each grade had a champion, the three competed and Szabo came out on top. In order to qualify for state finals at IUPUI in March, Szabo had to take an online test and compete against 800 others.

Yearbook Orders

Students have the opportunity to buy a yearbook until they are sold out, so even if one hasn’t been ordered yet, there is still time. Eighth grade students also have the opportunity to purchase a video yearbook created by Mr. Magdiarz. The video yearbook was started as a fun way for eighth graders to be shown more other than just having their picture twice in the yearbook. The video contains different skits, dances, and fun moments from the course of the year. Parents can find the yearbook order form at:

Box Tops

Box top winners

Students were encouraged to bring in box tops in order for the school to receive more money to help support the students’ education. The winners from first semester are listed above and brought in the most box tops. There will be another contest again this semester in order to raise more money. Box tops can be collected and counted as long as they are not expired.

  • girl building gingerbread house
  • boy holding gingerbread house together
  • Mrs. Harstad helping students wiht their gingerbread house
  • Girl working on gingerbread roof
  • girl breaking apart the pieces

Gingerbread Houses

Mrs. Harstad’s sixth-grade advanced math classes spent their class making gingerbread houses with their group members and if they wanted to, the students were allowed to watch the movie “Happy Feet”. This gave the students an opportunity to relax and have an enjoyable time before winter break. The day after, the students were able to decorate the gingerbread houses they made together.

Mrs. Hensley’s Class

  • Mrs. Hensley discussing upcoming events with her students
  • Students working on DLRs
  • Girl working on DLR in Hensley's class

Mrs. Hensley’s class works on their DLR’s during class on Tuesday, Dec. 19. As they were working, students discussed what they were doing for the next two days in their class and had the opportunity to ask questions.

  • ten year poster
  • 10 year poster
  • 10 year poster in hallway
  • Ten year poster in hallway

Celebrating Ten Years

This school year, students and staff at Clark Middle School are celebrating the ten year anniversary of the school.

At the start of the school year, students and staff gathered on the football field and spelled out the number ten to showcase the anniversary for the first time.

Throughout the hallways, there a variety of posters and things created by students and staff members that have to do with either the ten years or involve the word ten in some way. For example, they have ten years of tech, the top ten things about the school, and teachers even took it a step further and put their students’ pictures calling their students the “best”. This gave everyone at the school the opportunity to come together to celebrate the anniversary as the year goes on.

  • Ms. Harstad going over study guide with class
  • Girl listening to Ms. Harstad going over a study guide

One More Day

On Tuesday, Dec. 19, students and staff members didn’t start celebrating the holiday season early. Many of the students still had tests and other work due before break started. In Ms. Harstad’s class, for example, students discussed the questions on their study guides before their upcoming test the next day.

  • Veteran and student laughing
  • Student embarrassed by veteran
  • Men with flags
  • Mr. Stanicz opening
  • Man in Navy hat
  • Folding of the flag
  • Man speaking
  • Band students playing during assembly
  • Presentation of Patriot's pen awards
  • Patriots pen winners
  • Araujo reading her essay
  • Veteran speaking

Veteran’s Day Assembly

On Nov. 10, students and staff gathered to celebrate veterans. After a breakfast that students and their veterans were allowed to attend, the entire school made their way to the gym for a special assembly. During the assembly, the veterans were asked to stand when they heard the song the represented whichever branch they served in. After, two videos were shown: one made with stories of veterans and different clips from movies and the other was only interviews with veterans at the local VFW. The folding of the flag took place at the beginning, and the band and choir had multiple performances. As students left the assembly, they were asked to thank the veterans for their service.

  • welcome veterans sign
  • Thank you card
  • People taking photos
  • Students volunteering
  • Army brother
  • Men and student talking
  • Two relatives talking
  • Two families eating breakfast together
  • Families eating breakfast
  • Families eating breakfast
  • Man and two kids eating
  • Woman passing out pins
  • Vietnam veteran
  • Family conversing
  • Man talking to boy
  • Brothers talking
  • Looking at stars
  • Looking at different names of those who served
  • Man looks at the names

Breakfast with Veterans

On Nov. 10, the middle school allowed students to invite veterans in their family to enjoy a breakfast with them at the school and attend the assembly afterward. This gave students and family members a chance to bond and allowed veterans of all backgrounds to discuss their past experiences and listen to those of others.

Gordan Koreman Assembly

  • Author talking to staff members while
  • Student holds stuffed animal
  • Stanicz shakes student's hand
  • author speaks to students
  • student asks a question
  • author addresses students and staff
  • author holding book while speaking
  • author holding coffee while speaking
  • author talking to students
  • Author speaking about writing
  • Author speaks to many students and staff members
  • author reads from one of his books
  • author looks at crowd of students and staff members
  • Gordan Koreman signing
  • Author signing books
  • Author flipping through book
  • Koreman books
  • Staff member meeting author
  • Librarian with author
  • principals pose with author
  • Staff member talking to the author
  • Mrs. Nelson meeting the author
  • teachers pose with author
  • preparing for the signing
  • Mrs. Campagna getting a book signed
  • sign in library
  • author signing more books

Book Signing

Author Gordan Koreman came to the middle school and spent the first part of his time there meeting different staff members and signing books and other things for them. The staff members had the opportunity to talk to Koreman and see the variety of books he has written that may catch their eye. Koreman spent most of his day at the school meeting students who have read his books.

  • Student pouring two different substances together
  • Student wafting substances

Setting an Example

A student in Mrs. Guzman’s class helps with a demo of a lab they are doing in class. He made sure to use the proper equipment and procedures in order for the experiment to work. This experiment involved the mixing of two liquids, which ended up being mixed together. The student used techniques such as wafting that they are taught as part of lab safety.

  • monsters inc. dancing
  • student dancing with teacher
  • magdiarz dancing with mike from monster's inc.
  • chicken dance with ketchup
  • 80s girls dancing
  • students pose in photo booth

Halloween Dance

Students had the opportunity to have a fun time with peers and teachers at the Halloween dance.

  • students work on chromebooks
  • Students give presentation
  • Students finish up presentation on totem poles

Students in Mrs. Nelson’s English class work on Chromebooks and present their projects that they had due. The class was finishing up the presentations from earlier in the week.

  • Mr. Bolz talks to his class about poetry
  • Students discuss the poem
  • Students talk about the flight of icarus
  • Mr. Bolz reads the poem to his students
  • Students talk about the poem

Mr. Bolz’s English Language Arts class discuss the poem “The Flight of Icarus” in class. The students read about the story of Icarus prior to reading the poem. As they read the poem together as a class, students were separated into pairs and each person had to say what they thought each small section meant and what importance it had.

  • Teacher helps student
  • Student glues tissue paper for stained glass
  • Girl cuts out paper for project
  • Girl works on project

Students in one of Mrs. Govert’s art classes work on their stained glass projects. The students had the freedom to choose whatever they wanted the stained glass to look like, along with the colors they wanted to use. They were also able to work at their own pace, so while some were still drawing out what they wanted, others were already adding the tissue paper.

  • Students and staff pose for picture
  • Mrs. Harstad poses with student
  • Mrs. Cooper runs with students
  • Mr. Bolz runs with students
  • teachers pose for pictures
  • students run back to the flag pole
  • Mr. Putman runs with students
  • Mr. Gustas and Mrs. Cooper pose together
  • Mr. S running with students
  • Mrs. Oroyo riding a scooter

Run with your favorite teacher

Students from the cross country teams invited their favorite teachers to run with them at the school. After they ran, the staff was invited to have snacks and other refreshments.

  • paws for cause table set up at pet parade
  • Mrs. Furman starting the walk
  • Mrs. Ring showing bird to attendees
  • German shepherd
  • Holding tired dog
  • both cops with dogs
  • Holding tired dog
  • cop with dog
  • wizard of oz dog

St. John Pet Parade

On Saturday, Sept. 15, residents of Saint John were given the opportunity to interact with other members of the community and have an enjoyable time with their pets. For a small fee, anyone who wished could come with their pets and participate in the walk and the costume contest. The parade was organized by Mrs. Sonya Furman, a Clark Middle School Secretary, and Mrs. Cindy Ring, a bookkeeper at the middle school. The two also run the Paws for Cause at the school, and sold different items and accepted donations for the organization. At the conclusion, awards were given out and there were many different items that participants could take for their pets or if they wanted anything.

  • Students in Mrs. Harstad's class answer math questions
  • students copy down states and capitals in the front
  • Mrs. Hensley talks to her class about their next assignment
  • students are eager to be called on
  • students wait to be called on during class

Students in Mrs. Hensley’s class work on learning their states and capitals. Across the hall, Mrs. Harstad’s math class works on long division problems after going over problems like the ones on a previous quiz. If students missed less than one problem they got to go in the hall and play a long division game.

  • students work on writing assignment
  • students line up beside their shoes
  • students holding up shoes
  • shoes lined up in mr. bolz's class

Imagery Writing

Students in Mr. Lucas Bolz’s Advanced English/Language Arts class put their shoes in the front of the classroom. After this, students went back to their seats and worked on a writing assignment that involved describing their shoes. Photo Submitted By: Mr. Lucas Bolz.

clark library author advertisement

Author Visit

Students will have the opportunity to meet an author during school on November 17.