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  • monsters inc. dancing
  • student dancing with teacher
  • magdiarz dancing with mike from monster's inc.
  • chicken dance with ketchup
  • 80s girls dancing
  • students pose in photo booth

Halloween Dance

Students had the opportunity to have a fun time with peers and teachers at the Halloween dance.

  • students work on chromebooks
  • Students give presentation
  • Students finish up presentation on totem poles

Students in Mrs. Nelson’s English class work on Chromebooks and present their projects that they had due. The class was finishing up the presentations from earlier in the week.

  • Mr. Bolz talks to his class about poetry
  • Students discuss the poem
  • Students talk about the flight of icarus
  • Mr. Bolz reads the poem to his students
  • Students talk about the poem

Mr. Bolz’s English Language Arts class discuss the poem “The Flight of Icarus” in class. The students read about the story of Icarus prior to reading the poem. As they read the poem together as a class, students were separated into pairs and each person had to say what they thought each small section meant and what importance it had.

  • Teacher helps student
  • Student glues tissue paper for stained glass
  • Girl cuts out paper for project
  • Girl works on project

Students in one of Mrs. Govert’s art classes work on their stained glass projects. The students had the freedom to choose whatever they wanted the stained glass to look like, along with the colors they wanted to use. They were also able to work at their own pace, so while some were still drawing out what they wanted, others were already adding the tissue paper.

  • Students and staff pose for picture
  • Mrs. Harstad poses with student
  • Mrs. Cooper runs with students
  • Mr. Bolz runs with students
  • teachers pose for pictures
  • students run back to the flag pole
  • Mr. Putman runs with students
  • Mr. Gustas and Mrs. Cooper pose together
  • Mr. S running with students
  • Mrs. Oroyo riding a scooter

Run with your favorite teacher

Students from the cross country teams invited their favorite teachers to run with them at the school. After they ran, the staff was invited to have snacks and other refreshments.

  • paws for cause table set up at pet parade
  • Mrs. Furman starting the walk
  • Mrs. Ring showing bird to attendees
  • German shepherd
  • Holding tired dog
  • both cops with dogs
  • Holding tired dog

St. John Pet Parade

On Saturday, Sept. 15, residents of Saint John were given the opportunity to interact with other members of the community and have an enjoyable time with their pets. For a small fee, anyone who wished could come with their pets and participate in the walk and the costume contest. The parade was organized by Mrs. Sonya Furman, a Clark Middle School Secretary, and Mrs. Cindy Ring, a bookkeeper at the middle school. The two also run the Paws for Cause at the school, and sold different items and accepted donations for the organization. At the conclusion, awards were given out and there were many different items that participants could take for their pets or if they wanted anything.

  • Students in Mrs. Harstad's class answer math questions
  • students copy down states and capitals in the front
  • Mrs. Hensley talks to her class about their next assignment
  • students are eager to be called on
  • students wait to be called on during class

Students in Mrs. Hensley’s class work on learning their states and capitals. Across the hall, Mrs. Harstad’s math class works on long division problems after going over problems like the ones on a previous quiz. If students missed less than one problem they got to go in the hall and play a long division game.

  • students work on writing assignment
  • students line up beside their shoes
  • students holding up shoes
  • shoes lined up in mr. bolz's class

Imagery Writing

Students in Mr. Lucas Bolz’s Advanced English/Language Arts class put their shoes in the front of the classroom. After this, students went back to their seats and worked on a writing assignment that involved describing their shoes. Photo Submitted By: Mr. Lucas Bolz.

clark library author advertisement

Author Visit

Students will have the opportunity to meet an author during school on November 17.