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Aaron Reynolds

On Feb. 22, Aaron Reynolds, author of Nerdy Birdy, visited Bibich Elementary. Reynolds played a game with the students to help the students understand his message. Reynolds wanted to spread his message about bullying about how everyone is unique in their own ways. Reynolds then read “Nerdy Birdy”or “Creepy Carrots” to the students.

Valentine’s Day Party

On Wednesday, Feb. 14 BBibich had their annual Valentine Day classroom parties. Parents of the students volunteered and helped organize the parties. Some parties included different games like bingo, crafts and exchanging valentines with each other.

Jump Rope for Heart

  • A student jump roping
  • Student hola-hooping
  • Student playing basketball
  • Two girls smiling

On Feb. 13, Bibich held their annual Jump Rope for Heart. Students in all grades participated throughout the day by jumping rope, playing basketball and playing Just Dance. The students raised money leading up to Jump Rope for Heart to raise awareness for the National Heart Association.

ACE Teacher Award

A poster about the ace reward

Ace Hardware is holding an award for teachers who are the most deserving to be able to win a prize kit. Students are able to submit their favorite teacher and soon afterwards, 5 finalist will be announced and all those in the community will be able to vote for their favorite one.


Fourth grade students were able to create projects that were able to help with every day tasks. Some ranged from having coffee creamer at the tip of your fingers to a cradle to put a baby right to sleep.

Computer Science Day

  • Students work with the electronic caterpillar.
  • Students watch the caterpillar go across the mat.
  • Two students figure out how to use the caterpillar.
  • Students watch music videos and listen to them with headsets.
  • Students listen to music with headphones.
  • Students make coding braclets.

On Jan. 23, Bibich led their first Computer Science Day with Ms. Perez and LC Technology Trainers and staff. Students were able to work with technology, including headphones and caterpillars and were also able to make coding bracelets.

Yearbook Sales

The yearbook is on sale till Feb. 2.

From Jan. 29 through Feb. 2, Bibich will be selling their yearbooks for the 2017-2018 school year. The price for each yearbook will be $15. Make sure to pick yours up today!

PTO Dance

  • A girl holds a balloon.
  • Two boys smile at the camera.
  • A girl chases another child around with a balloon.
  • Two girls play with a balloon at the dance.
  • A girl plays with a balloon.
  • A girl plays with a balloon.
  • Students dance to music.

On Jan. 26, Bibich held their annual PTO dance. Students and families were able to dance and listen to music, enjoy pizza and play with balloons. All proceeds went to the PTO at Bibich.


  • A student picks out books at the fair.
  • Books lay on a table.
  • Books line the shelves.
  • Books lay on a table.

During the week of Jan. 29 to Feb. 2, Bibich held their annual book fair. Students were allowed to go to the book fair during their class time in the library. A wide variety of books were available for the students to purchase along with poster, pencils and toys.

100th Day of School

  • The poster includes 100 pac man stickers.
  • The poster includes 100 sports stickers.
  • The poster includes stickers making up the United States.
  • The poster includes 100 dinosaurs.

At the beginning of January, Bibich students celebrated the 100th day of school. Students were able to dress as if they were 100 years old. Students also created a variety of posters that held the theme “100”.

Movie Night

  • Students all talk before the start of the movie.
  • The movie shown was "Petes Dragon."
  • Students talk and eat popcorn.

Bibich held their annual movie night for the students on Dec 1. Over 50 students showed up and watched the movie “Pete’s Dragon.” The students were able to eat popcorn and enjoy the movie with their friends.

Art Class

  • A girl smiles while in art class.
  • Students work on their art projects.
  • Two students help eachother finish their project.
  • A girl smiles at the camera.
  • A girl picks out a marker to use on her project.
  • A girl smiles while working on her project.
  • A group of students work on their project.

For the first grade classes at Bibich, the students learned about foreground, middle ground and background in art class. They painted the background with snow, the middle ground with birch trees and the foreground with a cardinal bird.

Veterans Day Assembly

  • Veterans sit upon the stage.
  • The students clap for each of the veterans.
  • The Kahler band performs during the assembly.
  • Some of the students were allowed to read sayings and poems.
  • The fourth grade choir sang patriotic songs.
  • Two veterans take the flags down at the end of the assembly.

On Nov. 10, Bibich held their annual Veterans Day assembly. Over 30 veterans showed up to the program and the whole school sat in attendance. Throughout the assembly, the fourth grade choir sang, students read speeches and the Kahler Band performed.

Support Our Troops

  • Bibich gives a list of the items that can be donated.
  • Books, toothpaste and activities lay on the table to be sent to the troops.
  • Nonperishable food items sit on the table.

Throughout the month of November, Bibich will be collecting donations to send overseas for those serving our country.

Student Council Elections

  • A students made a poster for the elections.
  • A student made a poster for the student council elections.
  • A student made a poster to become president.
  • The student uses the Nike logo for the poster.
  • A student made a presidency poster for the elections.
  • A student made a poster for the student council elections that happen in November.
  • A students made a secretary poster.
  • A student made a poster for the elections.

The student council at Bibich will be holding elections for new positions. The student council would be able to vote on who will fill each position. Those running for positions are able to campaign and make posters to promote their self.

Halloween Parade and Parties

  • A student wear a jellyfish costume.
  • A student dresses as a werewolf costume.
  • A teacher and student smile.
  • The student wears a werewolf costume.
  • The student wears a devil costume.
  • The student dresses as a milk and cookie.
  • The students march in a parade.

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, Bibich had a Halloween parade around the school. The students were able to wear their costumes and show them off as they marched around the school. The students then marched through the gym and were able to see all the other student’s and teacher’s costumes.Also, Bibich had their annual Halloween classroom parties. Parents volunteered and helped organize the parties and set them up. Some parties included different games like bingo,  wrapping toilet paper around students, and pictionary, crafts, and lots of snacks. The students were able to dress up in their costumes to celebrate Halloween.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

  • Pumpkins sit on a table to be shown off.
  • Students decorated pumpkins for the contest.
  • Pumpkins sit on the table in front of the office.
  • Students decorated pumpkins for the contest.
  • A girl looks at all the pumpkins.
  • A boys looks at all the decorated pumpkins.
  • A girl casts her vote on her favorite pumpkin.
  • Two boys decide on which pumpkin they will choose.
  • A Pokemon and cubs pumpkin sit on the table.

The students at Bibich were able to decorate pumpkins and place them in a contest. The students were able to vote for the best pumpkin from their grade level so there was a winner from each grade.

Red Ribbon Week

  • Girls smile at the camera at the assembly.
  • A Chineese acrobat flips a table with her feet.
  • The acrobat flips the pot with her feet.
  • The students watch the assembly take place.
  • The acrobat performer finishes his performance.
  • The Chinese acrobat stands on top of a stack of chairs.
  • The students watch the acrobats.

During the week of Oct. 23-31, Bibich had the Red Ribbon Week. During that week, the students are educated on why alcohol and drugs are harmful and why they should steer away from them. One of the activities during the week was Chinese acrobats. The acrobats performed one of their shows for the entire school and the lesson was the acrobats wouldn’t be able to perform as well as they did if they were on drugs.

Because of Winn-Dixie

  • Two students read along with Mrs. Crary
  • Mrs. Crary reads "Because of Winn-Dixie"
  • A student raises his hand to ask a question about the book
  • The students read alone to the book
  • Two girls help each other come up with chapter titles
  • Mrs. Crary reads a book to her third grade class
  • Two girls read along to "Because of Winn-Dixie" with their taecher
  • A boy pays attention to the book that Mrs. Crary reads out loud

Mrs. Crary’s third grade listens patiently to their teacher as she reads out loud the book “Because of Winn-Dixie”. Mrs. Crary would stop at certain points in the book and the students would say the word she stopped on to make sure they were all paying attention. After reading each chapter, the students would come up with their own chapter titles for the book.

Fourth Grade Gym Class

  • A boy kicks a ball in gym class
  • One of the fourth grade classes listens to the instructions of the game they are about to play
  • The class played human foosball during gym class that day
  • The girl kicks the ball away from the other students
  • The girl gets ready to kick the ball to one of her teammates
  • The girl gets ready to kick the ball and try to score a point

Ms. Noel had her fourth grade gym class play human Foosball. The students were separated into two teams and the object of the game was to kick the soccer ball into their opponents net and to get the most points. The students couldn’t leave the circle they were standing on and couldn’t kick the ball to the left or right of them.

First Grade Gym Class

  • A girl skips in gym class
  • A student hops from circle to circle
  • Students jump from circle to circle
  • Two girls from Mrs. Hanson's class attend their gym class
  • A student sits down as she waits for instructions for the game
  • A girls skips during a game in gym class
  • A gril sits on the ground as she waits for one of her classmates to roll a dice
  • A boy hops from circles to circle during a math game

Mrs. Hanson’s first grade class attends gym class with the gym teacher, Ms. Noel. The students will warm up with simple exercises just skipping and jogging. Afterwards, the class played an educational game involving two dice. The one dice had numbers on it and the other one had exercises on it. Students would roll both dice and would have to do so many of each exercise, depending which side the dice would land on.

Family Math Night

  • Two boys work with their parents to complete math worksheets
  • Two girls work together to figure out a math game
  • A family plays math bingo
  • A family works together to figure out a math worksheet and game that goes with it
  • A mother and her son sit down to complete a math game about the new curriculum
  • Mrs. Crary helps a family with a math game
  • A boy and his mother work together on a math game

On September 7, 2017, Bibich Elementary held its first Family Math Night. The goals for the evening were to help parents develop a better understanding of the new Indiana Academic Standards and the Lake Central School Corporation math curriculum. The new standards allow the students to think, wonder, explore,  pose and solve problems about the real world. Numerous families and teachers spent the evening learning about math and playing math games.

Class Work

  • Mrs. Huffman helps a student with homeword
  • A student works on her paper
  • A student raises her hand
  • A student works on her essay topic during class
  • Mrs. Huffman's class go over their homework answers

Mrs. Huffman’s 4th grade class goes over one of their first homework assignments of the year. After checking over their homework, Mrs. Huffman has her class work on coming up with essay topics for their first essay of the year too. Topics from the students ranged from adventures with their dog to traveling to another planet.