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  • Two students read along with Mrs. Crary
  • Mrs. Crary reads "Because of Winn-Dixie"
  • A student raises his hand to ask a question about the book
  • The students read alone to the book
  • Two girls help each other come up with chapter titles
  • Mrs. Crary reads a book to her third grade class
  • Two girls read along to "Because of Winn-Dixie" with their taecher
  • A boy pays attention to the book that Mrs. Crary reads out loud

Because of Winn-Dixie

Mrs. Crary’s third grade listens patiently to their teacher as she reads out loud the book “Because of Winn-Dixie”. Mrs. Crary would stop at certain points in the book and the students would say the word she stopped on to make sure they were all paying attention. After reading each chapter, the students would come up with their own chapter titles for the book.

  • A boy kicks a ball in gym class
  • One of the fourth grade classes listens to the instructions of the game they are about to play
  • The class played human foosball during gym class that day
  • The girl kicks the ball away from the other students
  • The girl gets ready to kick the ball to one of her teammates
  • The girl gets ready to kick the ball and try to score a point

Fourth Grade Gym Class

Ms. Noel had her fourth grade gym class play human Foosball. The students were separated into two teams and the object of the game was to kick the soccer ball into their opponents net and to get the most points. The students couldn’t leave the circle they were standing on and couldn’t kick the ball to the left or right of them.

  • A girl skips in gym class
  • A student hops from circle to circle
  • Students jump from circle to circle
  • Two girls from Mrs. Hanson's class attend their gym class
  • A student sits down as she waits for instructions for the game
  • A girls skips during a game in gym class
  • A gril sits on the ground as she waits for one of her classmates to roll a dice
  • A boy hops from circles to circle during a math game

First Grade Gym Class

Mrs. Hanson’s first grade class attends gym class with the gym teacher, Ms. Noel. The students will warm up with simple exercises just skipping and jogging. Afterwards, the class played an educational game involving two dice. The one dice had numbers on it and the other one had exercises on it. Students would roll both dice and would have to do so many of each exercise, depending which side the dice would land on.

  • Two boys work with their parents to complete math worksheets
  • Two girls work together to figure out a math game
  • A family plays math bingo
  • A family works together to figure out a math worksheet and game that goes with it
  • A mother and her son sit down to complete a math game about the new curriculum
  • Mrs. Crary helps a family with a math game
  • A boy and his mother work together on a math game

Family Math Night

On September 7, 2017, Bibich Elementary held its first Family Math Night. The goals for the evening were to help parents develop a better understanding of the new Indiana Academic Standards and the Lake Central School Corporation math curriculum. The new standards allow the students to think, wonder, explore,  pose and solve problems about the real world. Numerous families and teachers spent the evening learning about math and playing math games.

  • Mrs. Huffman helps a student with homeword
  • A student works on her paper
  • A student raises her hand
  • A student works on her essay topic during class
  • Mrs. Huffman's class go over their homework answers

Class Work

Mrs. Huffman’s 4th grade class goes over one of their first homework assignments of the year. After checking over their homework, Mrs. Huffman has her class work on coming up with essay topics for their first essay of the year too. Topics from the students ranged from adventures with their dog to traveling to another planet.